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Jacque Hawk’s client reviews

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  • Hire Jacque D. Hawk if you want True Justice

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Michael

    IN 2007, Mr. Hawk got a phony charged dismissed against me for lack of evidence.

    I lost my peace of mind and money... until Mr. Hawk stepped in and held the police and district attorney to the standard of proving their allegations. Many people assume that if you are arrested, you are guilty. Mr. Hawk proved I wasn't guilty and it was not on a technicality.

    Policemen arrest many poor and minorities people knowing that they don't have money to hire a good attorney. If you are arrested... 90% of the time you are going to be found guilty or they are going to offer you a plea.

    After several nights in a detention center with bad food, screaming and threatening people... and where they only dim the lights at night, you're ready to sign anything to get youself out of there... and that is coercion.

    The District Attorney doesn't investigate your case. They take the word of all policemen (as poxy officers of the Court) as being true. They didn't investigate my witnesses or the facts of the charge. They took the Policeman word as true (and many policeman have hidden agendas and biases).... and without investigating, they offer a plea to you. Or if it is serious, they don't offer a plea and take you to Court... to make their record stronger.

    The Police and District Attorney... and the Magistrates are all paid from the same purse... The District attorney depends on the Police to bring them cases... even if it is a case that shouldn't be tried.

    You will need someone like Jacque D. Hawk to protect your interest... NO matter what anyone says, this is an attorney with INTEGRITY. I trusted him and so should you.