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Horace Kimbrell Sawyer III

About Horace Sawyer

About me

A great adventure began when I passed the Georgia Bar Examination in 1989, allowing me to work under the guidance of (and with, and against) some of the best legal talent in the nation.  What a  privilege it is to help people and companies in almost any kind of matter - many of which I could never have envisioned until I had many years of practice behind me.  Yet, even in those bad situations and the odds may be perceived as overwhelming, more often than not a good result is obtained through hard work and perserverance.  My clients -- each and every one of them -- are important.  They know it.  They may not hear from me every day, but they know I am here.  And I may not hear from them until some trouble or problem has announced itself, but I know in matters they value, they value my time.  And I am proud to call most of them friends.  And their families, and their friends.  And some are great, lifelong friends.  That's how I do it. 

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