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Natalie Vickers Teston

Natalie Teston’s client reviews

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Chris

    Could not have asked for a better attorney

    My case was a difficult one due to a previous judgement where I was unrepresented and agreed to some things that I should not have. Natalie was wonderful, she explained very clearly how we would proceed each and every step of the way. She always made me feel like I was her only client, and that she genuinely cared not only about the outcome of my case, but also about me as a human being who was in a bad situation. She is a an excellent attorney and I would recommend her to anyone going through a divorce.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Neil

    Divorce attorney

    I hired Natalie in march 2014 due to divorce proceedings between my spouse and I. The whole divorce was quite bitter, juvenile and petty at times and I did not behave exactly as an adult should but Natalie and her team were absolutely great in all aspects of their involvement. She is very professional, knowledgeable and actually went out of her way to help me and most importantly keep me in the loop on a timely basis. In a time of great uncertainty she was a huge help throughout and I guess more importantly is good at her job as she got me a good outcome. I have worked or dealt with hundreds of attorneys in my life die to my previous job and she us a cut above the vast majority. Natalie is a credit to her company and I would recommend her and the firm she works for to any family and friends. If I ever need an attorney again personally I would not go anywhere else.

  • 4.0 stars

    Posted by wes

    Natalie Teston review

    I just have to express again how much I appreciate the manner in which you handled my divorce. Your initial consultation, your negotiations with the opposing party, your methods during the mediation, your communications throughout the process, the manner in which you put my mind at ease during an extremely difficult time in my life, and your kindness, all exceeded my expectations.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by MIchael

    " A Lawyer with the Gift of Listening"

    The word divorce entered into my family when I turned 41. Never in my life did I think I was headed down that road, but this was not my decision it was hers. My wife of 13 plus years come upon her "mid life crisis." We have three beautiful children together and now I was watching a chapter in my life close before my very eyes when I was served papers.
    So many issues up in the air. My children, my home, alimony, child support, and the hiring of an attorney. Then I was blessed to meet Natalie Teston from Coleman, Chambers and Rogers LLP. Natalie had the gift of listening. Natalie spent the time needed to really get to know me and my situation. She developed a plan and went to work. Natalie was able to set me up to see my children every other weekend and on Wednesdays. She also set up a plan called, "First Right Refusal", so I could care for my children every time my ex wife decides to go out of town on business sometimes for a couple of weeks or more.
    Natalie steered me completely clear from paying alimony even though I was married for 13 plus years. She set it up that the majority of my child support was going directly to benefit the children, health insurance, after school care, school supplies, car insurance and extra curricular activities.
    Finally Natalie was very good to me when it come to billing. Professional courtesy discounts, fees billed at lower rates all played a part in my total satisfaction. I would recommend her to anyone. I am so excited to see what god has planned for Natalie. He has great plans to use her in this field of family law. She was a blessing.


  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Darron

    The best lawyer I have ever hired.

    I called Natalie over a year ago. I was going through a custody battle with my ex over my son. She was asking for more child support and decreasing the time I had with my son.It was a very troubling period in my life. I reached out to two lawyers prior to hiring this firm. These lawyers succeeded in prolonging events but did not achieve any positive outcomes for myself.
    The first meeting I had with Mr. Coleman and Mrs. Teston put my mind at ease. From just giving them minor details about my case , they were able to achieve an aggressive plan to move my case forward. Natalie took my loosing case and drove it forward, gaining much ground in the first few weeks. Through the two years my case went on I was up to the minute on information all the time. I would receive emails and phone calls after her normal hours, just to keep me updated on changes. We were hoping to this matter closed out of court but ultimately this is where the case was finished. I admit I was nervous going into the courtroom. Mrs. Teston's poise and perseverance put my nerves at ease as she spoke to me about her tactics. I now have my son every other week and have a workable agreement on child support. Having this much time with my son is worth everything to me. The hard work and dedication I received from this firm was simply remarkable.I will recommend them to everyone I know and I will never use anyone else. Thank you so Natalie.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Beverly

    The best attorney ever!

    Hiring Natalie was undoubtedly the best decision I could have made when I decided to file for a divorce. She was very professional and understanding, and was always concerned for my feelings. Natalie communicated with my ex-husband so I wouldn't have to, which made things so much easier for me. She was very up-beat and always made sure I understood everything that was going on, especially when my ex-husband seemed to be dragging his feet on certain matters. She made sure my property rights and credit were protected concerning the settlement of marital assets, which had been a big worry for me. I have already recommended Natalie to a friend who may be needing an attorney in the near future!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a Family client

    Permanent Protective Order

    Mrs. Teston helped represent me in a Civil matter. She is knowledgeable and very bright. This was a highly intense situation for me and her calm manner helped put me at ease. Mrs. Teston kept me up to date and informed of the process I was going through. I never once had to call and ask her what was going on. I was included from start to finish. She promptly answered every question I had. My case was taken to trial and we WON !

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Timothy

    Professional and timely representation.

    as: child custody, alimony, child support, divorce, etc.

    Mrs. Teston has done a wonderful job representing me through and finalizing my divorce in record timing. She and her firm walked me through each step of the process and kept me well informed on all aspects of my case including decisions concerning child support and visitation which wasnt typical considering my child was moved out of state.

    They managed to promptly guide me through the best timely and finacial items that has made visiting my child cost effective and beneficial to both myself and my child.

    My uncontested case kept things peaceful between my ex wife and I and also enabled both of us to meet half way through open emails and conversations with Mrs. Teston and her firm.

    I highly recommend Coleman and Chambers. Good representation is hard to find so it's always wonderful when you find "great" representation as I have through Coleman and Chambers.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Cody

    I used Natalie Teston!!

    I recently went through a tough divorce that Natalie made feel like a walk in the park. My ex and I have a child together and Natalie got me the exact child custody that I was looking for which in most cases is an odd schedule. My ex had also filed a TPO against me that Natalie was able to get completely dismissed from the case. She also Handled criminal charges for me and was able to get them all taken care of. Not to mention that I called Natalie on memorial day and told her that I needed help and she listened to my case on her holiday off and excepted my case with arms open. She is a great attorney and I would recommend her above all. She was also able to get my child support as low as possible and dismiss alamoney completely from the case.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Jeremy

    Picking Natalie was a WIN!!

    Natalie Teston is not only compassionate but encouraging.
    My wife was involved in an automobile accident that left her with a personal injury. We tried to take care of everything on our own until it became overwhelming. Finally deciding it was time to hand it over to a professional, we found Coleman & Chambers, in which we found Natalie!

    Natalie made sure to keep in contact with my wife always. She never missed an email. She made sure the right doctors were seeing my wife for her injury. She was able to settle out of court for the policy limit of $100,000!
    Natalie Teston is one attorney I would most definitely recommend and use again.