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John Gage Breakfield

About John Breakfield

About me

John has Spent His Legal Career Fighting for His Clients Throughout Georgia and Gainesville, Hall County (whether it be an auto accident, DUI, Speeding Ticket, criminal charge or general litigation). Additionally, John is a Registered Court Mediator and Helps Parties Resolve Their Disputes via Mediation.

Plaintiff's Personal Injury:
Gainesville, Hall County, Georgia attorney John Breakfield represents those that need a lawyer because of an auto accident, car wreck, trucking accident, tractor trailer wreck (18 wheeler), property damage, a DUI driver, negligence, intentional torts, slip and fall or helping the family of a wrongful death victim.

John Breakfield, as a lawyer in our Hall County law firm, knows the process and has assisted clients by dealing with insurance companies, insurance adjusters and insurance defense lawyers on important issues like: lost wages, pain and suffering, fair compensation for injuries and damages, accident reports, photos, witnesses, police reports, medical bills, medical records and trial or settlement.
DUI in Georgia:
A DUI in Georgia is a very serious crime.  Attorney John Breakfield has the knowledge and experience to skillfully defend these charges.  John uses his expereicne as a DUI Defense Lawyer and DUI prosecutor to help his client fight their charges.  He understands the legal and practical aspects of defending a DUI case.  In fact, he has some of the same training as DUI law enforcement officers.

Criminal Defense:
Additionally, John Breakfield, as a criminal defense lawyer has represented numerous clients through out all of Georgia, Hall County and Gainesville.

John, as a criminal defense attorney in our Gainesville, Hall County, Georgia office informs clients of the options in their case, whether it be a jury trial, bench trial, a negotiated plea, a motion to attack the case on legal grounds or alternative sentencing options (such as drug and alcohol counseling), First Offender Act, Nolo Plea, conditional discharge or pretrial diversion.

If you need a lawyer anywhere in Georgia and have been charges with possession of marijuana, cocaine, meth, underage possession of alcohol, consumption of alcohol by a minor, shoplifting, burglary, possession with intent, manufacturing, DUI/ D.U.I. (Driving Under the Influence), assault, battery, Family Violence Act (FVA), or any other crime, please understand that you have rights and the presumption of innocence.

After seeing the large number of cases being fairly and efficiently resolved in mediation, attorney John Breakfield decided to take the training to become a registered mediator with the Georgia Office of Dispute Resolution and the local office of the 9th District.

As a mediator, based in Gainesville, Georgia, John understands that his job is not to simply pass dollar amounts back and forth, but to listen to each party and to engage the parties in a meaningful discussion about the strengths and weakness of both sides of the case. If both parties can agree upon a reasonable resolution, then a formal written agreement can be reached in order to resolve the matter without the need for further court or trial.

Business Litigation, Real Estate Litigation and Eminent Domain

Likewise, attorney Breakfield can also assist our clients through out Georgia that have Business Litigation, Real Estate Litigation or Eminent Domain/ Condemnation/ Government Taking cases.

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