Troy Windel Marsh Jr.

Troy Windel Marsh Jr.

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I love what I do.  I love getting up every morning and going to my office, to court, or to a meeting with a client.  Because I am living my dream of helping people through difficult times in their lives, I feel like I haven't worked in over 18 years.  I simply cannot imagine doing anything other than practicing law.


Serving on the State Bar of Georgia's Committee on Lawyer Advertising and its successor, the Fair Marketing Practices Committee, has been a rewarding, fulfilling, yet often frustrating experience.  With so many "TV Lawyers" waving checks and cash in viewers' faces, and with advertising being permitted by law, we have little authority to regulate what lawyers say and do in advertising.  By law, lawyers have a constitutional right to engage in tasteless advertising as long as it is not false, fraudulent, or misleading.  While it may be legal, this tastelss advertising has damaged the appearance and credibility of our profession significantly.  Hopefully, our efforts in amending State Bar Rules and educating the public will restore some degree of professionalism to the practice of law.


One of the most despicable methods employed by some unscrupulous lawyers is the practice of paying "runners" to seek out injured victims to become new clients of the lawyer.  This practice of using runners to get new cases is illegal.  It is a crime, yet because of budget shortfalls and limited time, prosecutors have little interest in pursuing lawyers for engaging in this conduct.  Please watch the video about a successful sting operation organized and implemented by one Georgia lawyer and a prosecutor several years ago.