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Bruce Robert Millar

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  • While trying to make a left turn on a double lane rd a driver comes from behind me and runs into my vehicle I got ticketed $166

    the officer wrote the accident report wrong stating that I cut into on coming traffic and I did not yield to on coming traffic right of way violation.The accident report was not given to me on the day of the incident,I went and got it at the polic...

    Bruce’s Answer

    If you were indeed stopped waiting to make a left turn and were rear-ended, it does not sound like the accident was your fault. The facts as you have explained them are a little unclear on this point, however, that is what your caption/question states. Depending on the location of the damage on your car and the damage on the car that hit you, you may be able to prove that you were hit from the rear and successfully fight the ticket in court. Most of the time when you are hit from behind, the collision was not your fault. Fighting this may be considerably more difficult if the damage is on either side of your car. You may want to consult with a local attorney who is familiar with the local traffic court and judge and see if he or she can defend you for a reasonable fee.

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  • Accident with no injuries, not at fault,the other driver insurance offered total loss value that is ridiculous, what r my option

    I was offered a ridiculous amount as a total loss by this insurance company, this car is my only transportation and I maintained it because I can not afford to buy another car and I was going to keep it for years to come. I refuse to believe that ...

    Bruce’s Answer

    I agree with the advice given by the other attorneys who have answered this question already. I would like to add that in many states/cities you can hire an independent automobile damage appraiser. Many of these appraisers have websites and can be found using the search engines. For a fairly reasonable price (usually under a few hundred dollars) you can have a report prepared which you can also use to argue your case to the adjuster, in addition to the other sources mentioned above. The appraiser can also appear as an expert witness (for a fee) if you file suit and need to prove the value of the car.

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