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Scott Monge

About Scott Monge

About me

Growing up as oldest of four children on the plains of the Midwest I didn't have any lawyers in my family and it was a challenge making a career choice in law.  I knew I wanted to help people and I felt a career in law gave me the best opportunity to help others. I made the decision to hang my shingle out and open my practice in the South because I have always had an admiration for people, such as immigrants, that go to a new land to experience the American Dream of starting with little or nothing and going as far as their hopes and dreams will take them.  I was blessed in my pursuit of the American Dream to have the two greatest gifts one can have from loving parents which are both roots and wings.  Also, I had the advantage of starting from such a relatively low place that I did not have far to fail.  One of my core beliefs is that no one makes it alone in this world and I was fortunate on my path to develop relationships with friends, collegues and others without which my pursuit of the American Dream would not be possible.


Since opening in my practice in 1993 with the mission of helping people win their  cases my practice has grown to approximately 50 members and we have helped thousands win their legal cases.  I have been on television, print media and social media related to services provided by my law firm.  In addition, I give each client a Satisfaction Guarantee that guarantees  satisfaction with the level of customer service provided by our Firm.  Since attorney client communication is very important to me I give each client a Client Bill of Rights that delivers basic rights to which I believe all clients are entitled.


When not working I enjoy running, movies and spending time with family.

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