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Edward D. Flynn III

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  • Is it legal for the parent of a teenager who caused an accident to take pictures of the victim?

    I was in a 2-car accident in a parking lot yesterday. The police showed up, the girl called her mother who appeared quickly on the scene and started taking pictures of not only my car but me. I told her to stop taking pictures of the car and she...

    Edward’s Answer

    In most states it is legal to take a photograph of a car or driver involved in a wreck, as photos could be evidence of the damages if a lawsuit is later filed. Of course, there are limits, and it is illegal to trespass on private property to get photos, and may be illegal to invade someone's privacy, for example by spying through their curtains to get photos inside their home. She did technically commit a the tort of "battery" by stepping on your feet, but I would not encourage you to pursue it in court .

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