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Steven P. Shewmaker

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  • This man was so helpful!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jasmine

    Mr. Shewmaker helped me beyond recognition. He is a complete blessing in and of himself. I am so glad that I have had the pleasure to have him by my side while my world was being completely flipped upside down. I thought that there was no way I was getting out of the predicament I found myself in, but Steve found a way.

    I had been wrongfully accused of Criminal Damage and a Battery Charge. Steve looked at my case and instantly knew that I was the victim in the entire situation. He started on my case immediately. He also made sure that contact was kept with me through the complete duration of my case. I was never at a loss with what he and April Stancliff were doing to save my freedom.

    He spoke with me like a father, mentor, guide, companion, and a well rounded man of the law. A man of his word are among the many kind things that I can say about him. I called him begging for help and he was instantly there. Steve worked with me financially and personally to make sure that I had everything in order to be able to accomplish what needed to be completed.

    I have nothing but good to speak over him and his entire staff. Even his secretary Miss Gale was a pleasure to speak with. I hope that you chose to have this man working along side of you because I would not trust anyone else to take his spot.

  • It gets no better than Steve Shewmaker

    5.0 stars

    Posted by De'Aundrey

    The first day I walked into Mr. Shewmakers office, I felt like family. I gave Steve the particulars about my case and he went to work. Steve took my case to court in Dekalb County Georgia and showed why not only was he tops in his class in law school. He showed that his hard work in the classroom translated to his performance in the courtroom. I recommend Steve Shewmaker to anybody looking for an attorney that's going to get results that you will be excited about.

  • "Choose your superheroes WISELY…" Shewmaker & Shewmaker=THE DREAM TEAM-Don't waste your time, or money anywhere else!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Criminal Defense client

    I will start by saying if you're looking for an attorney who is outright, in-your-face-honest, and to the point…this your guy. If you want any chance of the best possible outcome of a criminal charge, then the above description of Steve, are qualities you should so desperately be searching for in your prospective attorney. When we contacted Steven Shewmaker (for our criminal defense), he immediately went to work for us after just a brief conversation. We also spoke with, and immediately hired (thank the good lord), April Stancliff for our civil case, that ran parallel with the criminal. Steve dove head first into our defense; especially since the criminal charges placed upon us (my wife and I were charged with the same "crime"), were severely detrimental, and directly influenced, my highly respected career (A career in which I am held to a much higher standard, and cannot have ANY type of criminal record). You should know, that I support 4 children, and my wife; so being out of work due to these criminal charges Steve was defending, had higher stakes than just jail time. Our story is something people read or hear about in a fiction, crime-related book or show. Our case was also exceedingly unique, because of our civil case and criminal cases being intertwined, and were transpiring simultaneously. My wife and I were both involved in this case as defendants in a crime we didn't even know we committed. To put it into perspective, my wife and I don't even have so much as a speeding ticket. The "crime" we were charged with had been upgraded to a felony charge, versus a misdemeanor, due to us going over state lines. This was a severe, and unwarranted, Temporary Guardianship gone-wrong. Still today, my wife and I, or any normal person for that matter, can't believe what happened to us, as law-abiding, outstanding citizens. So I hate to say this, but we were victims of the system, and I never thought we would be. We retained both Steve Shewmaker and April Stancliff for our criminal defense as well as our civil case. They worked day and night, side by side, relentlessly attempting our best defense and to clear our then tarnished names. I have dealt with attorney's in the past, but I truly can say that he (and April), took a personal interest in our case(s). After several months, going through multiple civil hearings, and motion after motion; we came out on top, and rightfully and deservingly got our daughter back. Steve and April kept in literal constant contact with us, updating us every, single day on any progress, and sometimes just to check on us. They were always prompt, on time, and extremely professional. Unfortunately the criminal case extended beyond the civil, but Steve did not waste any time spearheading the criminal case, as the DA's kept our lives on hold, and me out of work. In the most extreme joint effort, Steve and April got our 5 year old daughter back, AND all charges dropped for my wife and I. I will put our case into perspective for you; Steve ultimately went on to bestow the great honor of being their "worst case scenario for guardianships." Since this has happened I feel as though I was treated like family by the Shewmaker firm. We were treated like a family, not a number or dollar signs as a majority of law firms would. We consider them family and would recommend them in any legal fight you might encounter. I said, "Fight" because Steve (and April) don't just represent you, they FIGHT for you. If your smart, and want the best outcome your case will allow, your search for a(n) attorney(s), should have just ended at Shewmaker & Shewmaker. We will never be able to, even in a lifetime, be able to show our gratitude and love for you guys for reuniting our family and getting such severe charges, dropped. On behalf of our family; we sincerely thank you, and the entire firm, for all of the blood, sweat, and tears that you all poured and devoted into our case. We are forever grateful! :)

  • Smooth Operator

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Joanna

    I hired Steve Shewmaker in January 2014 when it became clear that I needed a lawyer who had military experience and knew "the system" to help navigate me thru the divorce process from my retired Navy spouse. He and his staff exemplified professionalism on the phone, on the immense amount of paperwork, and throughout the mediation process. He made a very intense, emotional time for me into a straightforward, realistic agenda. He dazzled the opposing council with his knowledge, preparedness, and candor at the mediation table. I am forever grateful!

  • Outstanding Lawyer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Pamela

    Mr. Shewmaker was an outstanding lawyer. He always had my best interest at heart and never sugar coated anything. He is a very straight forward lawyer. He also never made promises he could not keep. A wonderful family man. I will always recommend him to everyone I know. If I ever need legal advice I will call him.

  • Victory is his middle name!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Paulina

    Mr. Shewmaker is one of the few lawyers out there that actually cares what his clients want and fights to get it. He is very persistent, extremely knowledgeable of the law and a great individual. I never felt like I was on my own throughout the whole process, he explained everything and always asked me what "I" wanted. I will definitely have Mr. Steve Shewmaker on speed dial! If you need a family law attorney Mr. Shewmaker is the man!

  • A powerhouse lawyer and firm...

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Glen

    Steven P. Shewmaker and his firm are excellent, he followed up with me on a regularly basis , He informed me of all my options and all scenarios and possible outcomes & most of all he actually listened to me. In court he explained everything every step of the hearing so I would be well informed and able to make an educated decision based on the facts I would retain him and his firm again with no question

  • The best Criminal defense Team who care about you!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by matt

    There is one position and two components in life I stand on alone and its trustworthiness with professionalism and a caring soul.

    I contacted the Shewmaker and Shewmaker Law firm from a friends suggestion at church.

    At that time I had reviewed my options and prayed about my circumstances. In addition I had also read Steven Shewmakers extensive experience in the area of criminal defense and family law.

    I chose Mr. Shewmaker and met with his staff. April Stancliff who also is an attorney practicing at his firm was amazingly caring, and attentive to my situation. After speaking with Steven who was my attorney for this Case, I finally took a long deep breath which I had not done in quite some time. There were many many aspects to work out that involved delicate legal matters for the courts and my defense, yet Steven and April knew exactly what to do and where to take the case to gain the absolute best outcome. In my mind I felt I was completely innocent and hoped I would not be put in Jail. As The case unfolded and my court case arrived, I felt terribly nervous. Immediately Steven and April of the Shewmaker Law Group made me feel as though I had nothing to worry about which they both proved through their skill and experience was true. I did not.

    Not Only did I not have to serve any time in detention, but my whole case was dismissed. I was in awe of the amount of determination of this firm to get what needs to be done done. I am completely humbled by the caring of Steven Shewmaker and April Stancliff. These two caring people truly saved my life and I will never forget that. They not only cared for my case but handled my payments of my case with my needs in mind. April and Steven both treated my Girlfriend and myself as part of their family which is so rare. Look no further, these are your attorneys!

    god bless,

    thanks again


  • Honesty, communication and passion, I would recommend his services,

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Janey

    If you need an attorney who will fight for you in a tough divorce case then I would highly recommend attorney Steve Shewmaker, who is amazing. Not only is Mr. Shewmaker professional and compassionate, but his entire staff treats every potential client with great respect and dignity. I am so fortunate to have found the law office of Shewmaker &. Shewmaker. Mr. Shewmaker listen as I explained my difficult case, which was one of the hardest times in my life, then he planned a solution and explain how he was going to fight for me every step of the way, this is one tough attorney, he protects his clients, always watching out for their best interest, he is simply awesome.

  • Gauranteed support

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Child Support client

    I started working on my child support modification case some months ago with another lawyer, A S. My lawyer then started working with Mr. Shewmaker a few months after. Before July 29, 2013 I had not talk to or seen S.Shewmaker.
    The day I meet with my lawyer A.S., to go over my case was the day I met Mr. Shewmaker. Right away S.M., made me feel very good about my hearing the next day. Mr. Shewmaker knew my case, was very confidient in the court ruling in my favor. It was as if I had started my case with him as well.
    Steven Shewmaker is an exceptional lawyer and postive mentor/role model for new lawyers. "Big Papa" (Mr. Shewmaker- nick name for himself) knows his stuff and makes newbies like myself comfortable with laws of the court. Mr Shewmaker sat in with my lawyer, A.S. to assist as needed. Mr. Shewmaker was very observant to my lawyer and the case needs allowing him to jump in to assist. During my hearing he continously asked how I was doing. Mr Shewmaker continously praised and encourgaed A. S. on the GREAT job she was doing.
    If I was to ever need or knew anyone in need of a lawyer I would not hesitate to recommend Steven Shewmaker.