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  • Can the police force they way in your home if you don't welcome them in?

    Asked by a user in Norcross, GA - about 2 years ago.

    I doubt you will find any of these responses helpful. As a general rule, the police can only cross the threshold of the home (ie a doorway) with a search warrant; an felony arrest warrant if the...

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  • I need a lawyer for a civil rights case.

    Asked by a user in Columbus, GA - over 1 year ago.

    Without more information, it is not possible to provide you with a meaningful response. I do practice in this area of the law, so I will try to provide you with some general information. If the use...

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  • Am I entitled to compensatory damages and negligence against DeKalb County Jail?

    Asked by a user in Lithonia, GA - over 1 year ago.

    Tough to answer this one without more detail. Among other things, the case would be subject to different legal analysis depending on whether he was sentenced to serve more than one year, i.e. he was...

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  • I was rob at gun point in my apartments beat real bad an the rent office aint help me we what should I do already call the polic

    Asked by a user in Decatur, GA - over 1 year ago.

    It sounds as though these people live in your complex. First of all you should immediately call the police. I'm a hot concerned as to why you didn't do that in the first place. Once you have done...

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  • Can I sue the police department for false arrest?

    Asked by a user in Douglas, GA - almost 2 years ago.

    As to the initial detention (home to hospital) no. The police had a duty to accept your husband's statement and take you to e hospital. I do not understand why you were then charged with obstruction....

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  • Is there such a thing as sentence reduction ?

    Asked by a user in Atlanta, GA - almost 3 years ago.

    Douglas County has two terms of court, beginning on January 1 and July 1 each year. A criminal defendant may attempt to withdraw a plea within the same term of court in which it was entered....

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  • How can we as citizens protect ourselves from police brutality?

    Asked by a user in Stockbridge, GA - 9 months ago.

    I am a civil rights and serious personal injury attorney. My law partner practices primarily in the criminal arena. We are asked to evaluate alleged and actual police misconduct on a regular basis....

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  • Civil rights violated?

    Asked by a user in Lake Park, GA - 9 months ago.

    What you describe sounds like a Tier 1 Terry stop. The PO will argue that it was a Tier 2 stop, i.e. your presence on the side of the road late at night in dark clothing (is it a high crime...

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  • We need to hire a different attorney, how should we proceed?

    Asked by a user in Douglasville, GA - over 4 years ago.

    Douglas County is a unique jurisdiction. The superior court judges, McClain, Emerson and James, are all fair, but very tough on drug cases, especially sale/poss. with intent/trafficking cases. The...

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  • When your case is pre-tried for felony ,what happens if there another charge pending in another county?

    Asked by a user in Acworth, GA - over 4 years ago.

    As i understand your question, you were charged with Criminal Damage to Property (>$500.00) - a felony, while you were out on bond on the Poss. with Intent case. If that is the case, the subsequent...

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