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Peter Phillip Gross

Peter Gross’s Client Reviews

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Awesome Attorney!

    Pete was a godsend! I initially hired an attorney through my company prepaid legal service. When I met her I was excited at first because she talked a good game and sounded like she knew her stuff. However, when the case started my expectations went down hill as she would wait until the day of court to touch basis with me. She didn't prepare me on a strategy to win this case but would tell me that there is a chance I could lose my daughter, she said it was happening more and more in Fulton County and it almost seemed like she was preparing me to lose the case because she gave it little to no effort. I also think she was in over her head. When we went to court for the first time and I saw how little respect Fulton County judges had for her I was floored! It even hurt me and my daughter at first because my daughter's father got mother's day and two weeks in the summer instead of a reacclimation plan, in a different state even though he disappeared from my daughter's life and even in the face of the fact that my daughter never spent one night alone with him in 13 years!

    The kicker was when I found out word for word she was discussing me with the other side and speaking negatively about me when I was her client!

    I had zero faith in her and made the decision to switch attorneys to Peter Gross. This is where my case turned around! Pete fixed my motion so that it was legally sound. He sent my ex interrogatories that uncovered that he was an absent parent and he communicated with me regularly. I was never in the dark. Fulton County respects Pete as a great attorney. Above all, Pete was fair and fought like a bull dog for me. I not only won my case but I was also awarded attorneys fees!

    I wish I'd hired Pete first but I'm so glad he was highly recommended to me. I do believe he was a gift from God who helped save our family from a lot of pain!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Alfred

    Helped me to get the results I was looking for.

    I was more than happy with the outcome of my divorce. Mr Gross's retainer fee, was actually less than 4 other attorneys that I had contacted first. The attorneys who were asking for a lesser rate, would have cost me significantly more over the full duration of the the case. I thought that I was going to be nickeled-and-dimed, for everything, but that was not the case. I received an itemized letter every month and the initial retainer fee, covered all of my attorney's expenses. My case seem to last forever, but that was because my wife was being extremely difficult and I was trying to divorce her while residing in another state, hoping I would never need to fly into town to go to court. In the end, I did not have to pay my wife NOTHING, when I originally offered her a cash settlement to dissolve our marriage. I am not a patient person, and I am sure Mr. Gross was more than annoyed with me at times, however, he stuck by me, to insure I received the best possible outcome. Maybe I should have hired him when I got married. LOL...maybe

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Janna

    couldn't be happier

    I couldn't be happier. Peter did everything he said he would do, including calling me back when I had a question. This was great since I had only a n/d, but had moved to Texas. Great admin as well who gave him great reviews.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Gabriele

    Review for Peter Gross

    Mr. Gross researched my case very thoroughly. He was very confident that we would win our case. I had not had very good experiences with other lawyers in dealing with my ex-husband and his abuse toward my children and myself. Mr. Gross made me feel confident that he would get the job done, and he did.

  • 1.0 star

    Posted by a Child Custody client


    Mr.Gross never returns phone calls, emails, nor voicemails. He was slack on my paperwork, my divorce was delayed for 6mths until even receiving a court date . He explained the mishandling of my file was due to bad help. After finally getting a court date, this guy cancels my day in court to start working for my wife by providing me with her list of demands. Never once did he ask me what were my demands. His professional advise to me was keep it simple and be the bigger person. Keeping it simple cost me more money, lost visitation with my kids, and almost my case. I paid him upfront to handle to resolve my divorece and custody battle short of submitting paperwork, he did nothing! After writing him a letter about the concerns about how he was handling my case (of course he didn't return my phone calls), he decides it is best for him to remove himself from my case. In the process he creates a new bill for me stating I owe him more money; mind you he hasn't completed the job I paid him up front for. I NEVER WENT TO COURT AND I'M STILL BEING DENIED VISITATON EVEN THOUGH I PAY CHILD SUPPORT! This guy is bogus has no real background in family law or divorce...don't waste your time or money. This guy will ruin your life!