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Nancy Castor Sprattlin

About Nancy Sprattlin

About me

I am currently a managing and founding member of  Castor Sprattlin Law Group, LLC, formerly Sprattlin Castor, LLC, and we help businesses, professionals, executives and families with their employment law and estate planning needs.  I have over 15 years of experience litigating cases and advising employers about their workplace obligations. My current practice focuses on employment defense litigation, counseling, investigation and prelitigation resolution of employee claims. I provide training and counseling to management, supervisors and staff on a wide range of employment and business related issues, including hiring and termination of employees, proper investigation of claims, development and preparation of effective workplace policies, reductions-in-force, restrictive covenants, wage-and-hour compliance, and litigation avoidance.  I also assist executives and professionals with the review and negotiation of employment and severance agreements. Additionally, I assist individuals, couples and families in metro Atlanta with wills and trusts, estate planning and/or prenuptial agreements. For more information about me, please visit or




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