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Tammy Michelle Holcomb

Tammy Holcomb’s Answers

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  • Can legal action be taken against the VA for failing to process disability claims in a timely manner?

    The VA has not processed disability claims in a timely manner (over 1 year from applying for benefits), resulting in veterans not being able to get hiring preference for federal jobs. Not being able to be hired under the special hiring authority ...

    Tammy’s Answer

    I agree with Mr. Early's response. The VA has a statutory duty to work in the best interest of the veteran and it can certainly be argued that timely processing is a prime example of that. However, defining timeliness is an ongoing problem. Mr. Early is absolutely right to tell you to contact your senator or representative to assist you. They can often overcome hurdles that the general public cannot. Good luck to you.

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  • I am a resident alienfrom the U.K. will my small pension from the U.K. affect my social security amount , Peter Openshaw.

    I have been paying social security taxes for 27 years my estimated social security will be $1500.00 per month in 2013 when I am 66 years old. My estimated u.k. government pension is $300.00 per month.

    Tammy’s Answer

    It is possible that Social Security may claim an offset for monies that you earned in the U.K. and that were not paid into the Social Securtiy Disability fund.

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