Tammy Michelle Holcomb

Tammy Michelle Holcomb

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About Me 

I worked multiple jobs while putting myself through college and law school.  Looking back, it was the best experience I could have had.  There were plenty of opportunities to interact and befriend people from all walks of life and that has molded me into the person - and attorney - that I am today. 


Now that my focus is on building a career and not having to go to class after a long day of work, I am learning to reconnect with hobbies such as reading, going to movies, writing movie reviews, cooking, traveling, and, of course, spending time with my three dogs.


Kaine Law, LLC is a perfect fit for me because I am down to earth, approachable, and I will fight for each of my clients as though they were family.


I hope you will keep me, and Kaine Law, LLC, in mind for your legal needs in the areas of personal injury, immigration, Social Security Disability.  We look forward to serving you.