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  1. Can I get reduced traffic tickets? I received 5 citations for crossing center line on two lane road.

    Answered about 2 years ago.

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    My first response is "yes", you are very likely to be able to get a reduction on these multiple tickets. Not know exactly what you are charged with, it may be very important that you get a reduction if you are interested in keeping your driver's license. A typical moving violation in Georgia carries 3 points. Once you accumulate 15 total points in a 24-month period, your license will be suspended. Depending on what you are being charged with, you may be at risk of getting those 15 points....

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  2. Curious

    Answered almost 3 years ago.

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    Generally speaking, the solicitor handling your case will need to be able to present sufficient evidence to the jury in order to be able to convict you. The most common type of evidence in this type of case would be eyewitness testimony (assuming there are no videos/pictures). This testimony would need to come from either you or your girlfriend (again assuming there were no other eyewitnesses). Without this testimony, this is likely to be a difficult case to prosecute. Witness affidavits...