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Dekalb County .088 Dismissed based on an illegal traffic stop

Practice Area: DUI & DWI

Outcome: DUI Dismissed

Description: Defendant was stopped on I-285 by a DUI task force officer. Defendant was stopped for allegedly having blue lights coming from his vehicle. It is illegal in Georgia to have blue lights in a passenger car unless you are a police officer. There was no video of the traffic stop The officer testified at a motion to suppress hearing that there was no other traffic violation that he noticed other than the blue lights from the car. I put my client on the stand. My client testified that he worked at Circuit City and was the lead installation technician for people who want to make their car cool. He installs all the tv's, radios, and yes, funky lights. He testified that the lights were clearly white and not blue. He tesitifed that he was awre of the law and that there was no way the lights could be perceived as blue. The judge stated that he either had to determine that the officer was mistaken or my client was lying. He determined that the officer was mistaken and believed my client's testimony over the officer. The judge granted the motion to suppress. The state was left with no evidence to prosecute Defendant and all charges were dismissed. He got his bond money returned and left court without a criminal record.

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