It is with pleasure that I tell a story of one of the greatest trial lawyers I have observed in forty-five years at the bar. When I was injured, yours was among the few names I thought about to represent me in the litigation that was surely coming. I had seen you in action as I mediated cases in which you represented one of the parties and knew you to be aggressive, fair and highly competent. I was impressed with the way in which you guided the court and opposing counsel toward your theory of the case. Where the defense team sought complexity, you advocated simplicity. It was not until we began to prepare for trial, however, that I saw the great detail you managed and the energy you brought to bear. Your team was simply amazing.. The efficient trial of a major personal injury case is an art form, one in which the case must be orchestrated like a grand ballet at the Bolshoi Theater. Jay, you were the finest conductor I’ve seen in the courtroom, a true master. Your cross examination of the defendant’s expert was pure genius. Your summation was impassioned and spoke the truth, a truth the jury was anxious to accept. When the jury brought home a verdict of more than $ 7.6 million, I was astounded. In a word, you were “extraordinary.”