Rachel Aliza Elovitz

Rachel Aliza Elovitz

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Rachel is a founding partner of Elovitz / O'Nan LLC. She has been practicing family law since 1996, representing fathers seeking to legitimate sons and daughters born out of wedlock, mothers who want  to establish paternity and child support for their children, parties who need protection from family violence, and husbands and wives seeking to dissolve toxic marriages. 


Rachel is a collaboratively trained lawyer. She serves as a child advocate and independent guardian ad litem in the DeKalb County Juvenile Court, representing the interests of abused and neglected children, and she is a registered mediator in the State of Georgia, certified in the areas of divorce, domestic violence, civil, dependency, and delinquency mediation.


Rachel is  married to Alexander ("Sasha") Coletti and has two canine children, Simon and Charlie.  



We represents those who want the best for their children.