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  1. After I was hit on the head by a heavy article at Lowes, I experienced disorientation, aggressiveness, and suicidal tendency.

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    Stores are responsible to safely stock their shelves. If you were injured by a fallen object due to improper stacking, you may have a good claim for compensation.

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    You have a claim. Whether the claim is one likely to prevail depends on a number of questions that must be answered. We'd be happy to ask questions that we would like to know and answer any questions that you have about the process. There is no charge for this consultation. For more information about our Georgia law firm - please see our website. WWW.MLNLAW.COM

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  3. Incarecerated female was sexually assaulted while incarcerated in county jail

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    Everything is fact specific. However, prisoners should absolutely not be raped by guards. Depending on the facts, there may be a significant claim. Our law firm has represented victims of rape in civil cases. In 2011, we obtained a $9 million dollar verdict against a home security company. You can read more on our website - WWW.MLNLAW.COM.

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  4. Lawsuit

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    It depends on who you work for and who was responsible for property management / the wet floors. In Georgia, if your employer was responsible for the property management you are likely barred by Worker's Compensation statute. However, if you worked at an office building for a architect and slipped in the lobby - the office building owner and property manager can be sued. It is also very challenging if you didn't report the fall right away. It can sometimes be overcome but it raises...

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  5. What is my options to get info relating to my daughter in a suit filed on her behalf by her husband because she is brain damaged

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    I agree that RuthAnn Lacey is excellent lawyer for financial guardianship issues like this one.

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  6. My son was injured when my shopping cart tipped over. He suffered a serious head injury, should I take action against Kroger?

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    I'm very sorry to read about this. Best wishes to your son. The issue whether legal action can be taken depends on whether there was something wrong with the cart or whether there was something on the floor that caused the cart to tip. Kroger has video cameras that records events. You need to take immediate action to inform Kroger to preserve the video if you feel there was something wrong with the cart or poor maintenance of the floor. I just finished a trial last Friday against...

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  7. Do I need an attorney?

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    It is possible that the ticket was improperly issued to you. We've won recoveries for our clients even after they have received citations. It is also possible that there are other factors causing the wreck - like road design or landscaping or construction that blocks drivers' view of the road. However, it is impossible to ascertain this from your brief review. You need to contact a personal injury lawyer. A good personal injury lawyer will want to see the police report and the scene of...