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Back Injury

Posted by: Arlene, a Car Accident client 11 months ago.

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Briant handled my Car / Auto Accident matter.

My 75 year old mother who lives with me was involved in a motor vehicle accident a few years ago. She suffered severe injury to her back. It was a very challenging time in our lives and we had no idea where to turn, so I took to the internet and entered a few information and questions about her accident. I received a call from Briant the next day, and I gave him additional information and expressed my concerns. Briant was never pushy, he encouraged me to continue to take my mother to her MD for treatment and call if I have any questions. About a week later, Briant called checking on my mother’s progress. I took my mother for a consultation and she retained him and his team for legal representation. Briant was so friendly, and attentive to my mother and me. We were very comfortable from day one. He was encouraging and comforting through out my mother's ordeal (pain pills, spinal injections, PT, OT, and finally laminectomy and spinal fusion). On my mother’s end, we focused on recovery and Briant and his team did all the legal work. We were amazed at the things that he uncovered about the case. We were kept informed about every aspect of the case. Because of all his hard work, my mother has received a substantial settlement for her injury. We are very pleased with the outcome and would highly recommend him to friends and family.