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State v. R.R.

Case Conclusion Date: 05.29.2013

Practice Area: Criminal Defense

Outcome: Not Guilty

Description: R.R. was stopped by the police as a passenger in the vehicle, and was asked if he had a valid driver's license. R.R. answered that he did not have a valid license and was subsequently jailed due to the officer's assertion that he had seen R.R. driving 20 minutes earlier. R.R. elected to have a jury trial due to the harassment he had received at the hands of the police. Without any witnesses or evidence to show that R.R. wasn't driving, the whole case focused on chipping away at the credibility of an overzealous police officer, who had been reprimanded by his sergeant for disobeying his supervisor and chasing a vehicle, thereby endangering the public, and who received an award for the number of DUI arrests he had made. After 1 hour of deliberations, the jury found R.R. not guilty and justice was served.

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