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Ravindra Rayasam

Ravindra Rayasam’s client reviews

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  • Professionalism +trustworthiness...You will find that in Ravi Rayasam!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Maria

    Consulted Attorney

    Though I have not hired Ravi for legal representation, I have had the wonderful privilege of working for him as his legal assistant for over a year now. It is with absolute delight that I endorse Ravi as a criminal defense and family law attorney. Anyone would be blessed to have him on their side in a time of need. Ravi works hard to earn the trust of those who retain his legal services. I have never seen Ravi swindle anyone out of their money or deliver half-heartedly on his made promises. His meticulous case preparation and exacting attention to detail reflects a work product worthy of the highest praise. Even when the court or opposing counsel/party proves to be a hostile or unpredictable adversary, Ravi expertly strategizes to minimize any risks for his clients. He is a man of proven integrity whom I deeply respect and admire. What always strikes me about Ravi is not only his sharp legal acumen but his sincerely humble demeanor with clients and colleagues alike. He is confident in a way that does not require showy presentation. At the same time, Ravi does not shirk from a fight. He understands that thoughtful tact matters just as much as well-timed aggression and employs both with ease. Cognizant of such a difference and exercising the balance between the two sets him apart, giving him a disciplined advantage all his own. If you ever find yourself in a difficult legal situation, I would without hesitation recommend Ravi’s legal expertise. He is simply beyond compare!

  • If You Want Awesome Results Choose This Lawyer!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Johnathan

    Mr. Rayasam,

    I was in jail for two days facing felony charges and he came to evening court with notebook and one file. I was looking at him as if who is this guy. He was hired without me even speaking or seeing him before the court date. He assured me everything would be fine, just let him do all of the talking. I mentioned to him my concern was not having a record after this was over. After watching him in court, I knew it would go my way. I was informed along the way during this process. He would say often, " You catch more flies with honey" I was looking for a Pit Bull to go in there and just tear the other attorney to shreds, but his method was the best because everything was done in a calm manner.
    Fast forward, the case was resolved without even going to court. The case was dismissed and nothing showed up on my background! He will not tell you something that he can't deliver on. So, if you want the truth go with him. When you meet him, you have to listen carefully because he has a soft voice but his actions are what anyone should be looking for in a good lawyer.

    Thank you

  • Excellent legal representation

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Will

    Ravindra Rayasam did a first rate job getting me a satisfactory settlement offer. He knew the strategies and how to get the maximum award - hiring Ravi really paid off.