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Jennifer Lynn Little

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  • How long is case with battery and cruelty to children 3rd degree? and is there anyway to have the tpo removed? we work together

    we work together and don't want the tpo to get us in trouble--- also it seems like it was a bond condition--- how can we remove it?

    Jennifer’s Answer

    Depending on the county, the case could take as little as a couple of weeks to be accused. The Statute of Limitations on a misdemeanor is 2 years, so they would technically have that long to bring charges but most counties operate much faster than that. After being accused, the case then goes on an arraignment calendar and then a trial calendar. The whole process can take anywhere from a few months to a year (or even more) depending on the county. If you want the case dismissed, the best thing to do is contact an attorney right away and they will try to talk to the prosecuter prior to accusation. You can petition the court to have the bond condition removed. I'm assuming it is a no contact provision of the bond based on your statement.

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