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T. Kevin Mooney

T. Kevin Mooney’s client reviews

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  • DUI lawyer review

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a DUI & DWI client

    T. Kevin Mooney represented my son for his dui. He is knowledgeable, confident and strategically plans your defense based on facts of your case and his experience in this field. He, along with my son, reviewed all the evidence and together they felt they had a good chance of beating the dui charge and they did. He was found not guilty!


    5.0 stars

    Posted by MT

    Kevin Mooney will forever live in my heart. As a fellow practicing attorney, I can only state that he is the epitome of a criminal defense lawyer- he gets the guilty off. As a two time client, I can think of no other DUI attorney for referral. The first time he saved me, things were really bad. An off the chart breath test and even worse video. Yet despite the adversity, Kevin tactically argued a motion for dismissal which got the whole case dropped.

    Unfortunately, the only thing I learned from my first case was what not to do when the cops pull you over (.i.e tests, admissions, etc.) Even though you do not take tests in the field, please be aware that the videos at the station will be monitoring your every move to serve as a "supplement fst".

    The second (and hopefully last time), the prosecution offered a deal and it was my choice. I refused the deal and Kevin fought for me again. It was great to sit next to his side and feel his confidence. What a stud in the courtroom and knows all of the details. He speaks so well and man just has that nice touch about him. We won again with all charges being dismissed.

    Kevin, whether you like it or not, you are family to me. Thanks for everything - I owe you tremendously.

  • A lawyer that really know's his stuff!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Nathaniel

    what can I say about this individual, I mean he is incredibly good at what he does. he is truly the man, if you are dealing with a DUI or DWI ,this is the lawyer you want to have in your corner. very knowledgeable ,trustworthy, responsive, and reliable with a wonderful staff. I pray that i'll never have to experience a DUI again. but if I found myself in a disposition of such. MR Kevin Mooney, would be the one for me again! and that's no bull. Thanks Kevin

  • Outstanding DUI attorney! Your search ends here !

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Faris

    You've just begun reading a review written by a guy who's done enough lawyer shopping for a lifetime. If your searching for an outstanding DUI attorney, your search ends here. I was being charged with DUI-drugs as result of an accident I had been involved in April of 2011. Yes, that means my case was just shy of 3 years old before being closed. My first attorney was Robert Giannini and after 2 years of continuances he felt he did not have the skills to win my case. Jean Sperling was the 2nd lawyer I turned to. After reviewing my case months later he tells me I have a 10% chance at winning and explains that pleading guilty is my best option. With my funds as low as my hope at winning I had just about given up. Until 1 month before trial my mom tells me about the Stein&Ward firm. I called and setup an appointment. As we spoke day of I noticed the many awards and plaques in his office as well as pictures his kids had drawn for him. It meant a lot to me to know he was a family man and has been consistently recognized for his work. "The Lawyer of the Year" award stood out especially to me and he explained it was presented to him after he represented a drunk driver who had been involved in an accident that included a police officer...........AND HE WON ! At that point I realized he was the man for the job. He always kept me up to speed about what was going on and didn't exaggerate on the outcomes of the charges put forth against me. I felt secure and taken care of and i walked out of the courtroom today free of any DUI contamination on my record. He is confident, smart, seasoned, and most importantly loves what he does. This is your new DUI attorney. Mr.Mooney if your reading big thanks again.

  • Kevin Mooney saved my career

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Daniel

    I got arrested for DUI in Gwinnett County after a late business dinner meeting. I had crashed my truck. It didn't look good for me, especially in light of my prior cases years earlier.

    Kevin persuaded me to fight this case; although I faced considerable jail time if we lost. He had faith in me. And I trusted him.
    My judge seemed like the toughest one in the county.

    After a three-day long performance of his masterful trial skills, the jury found me not guilty. I kept my job, my license and my dignity.

    Thanks Kevin. You delivered as promised.

  • Best in the business

    5.0 stars

    Posted by tom

    Mr. Mooney is promp, courteous, knowledgeable in his field of law & has an excellent courtroom demeanor. He saved my licence, my job & my reputation. I reccomend him highly