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Kevin Raymond Fisher

Kevin Fisher’s Client Reviews

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Kevin

    An honest to goodness top notch lawyer !

    Mr Fisher is a hard working go getter he was honest about all possible outcomes and was available to answer questions and concerns anytime I called, with out a doubt the best attorney I could have seen and I'm very grateful for his determination and knowledge.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Great Job

    I was arrested for DUI after failing to Maintain Lane.
    I blew a .114 which is over the legal limit.
    I contacted Kevin and he did everything he could for me on my case.
    He was always there for me throughout the case and always answered my questions when I called or emailed him.
    He was very attentive to my case.
    He reached out the arresting officer to try to get the officer to agree to a reduction.
    The officer did not oppose a reduction to Reckless Driving. However, the proseuctor did not agree to it.
    Kevin even brought the video of my arrest to court to show the prosecutor what was wrong with the case.
    I did not want to go to trial so I settled. Kevin was able to get me a good deal considering all of the facts.
    I am glad I hired Kevin as he worked very hard on my case and never gave up.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by CF

    An excellent lawyer!!!

    I was arrested for DUI, Failure to Maintain Lane and Driving While Unlicensed shortly after an accident the night I got my first job offer after grad school. Thank God no one was hurt. Many people told me to just plead guilty but being a foreign national I could not risk to have a DUI in my background. That is why I did a comprehensive research about what will be my best lawyer option and everything pointed to him. He even agreed to meet me on a Saturday the very same day I decided to call him.

    Kevin did a great job for me. Even though I moved out of the State of Georgia prior to my case being resolved, Kevin assured me he would do everything he could to get a great outcome . . . AND HE DID. My DUI was reduced to reckless driving with the other charges being dismissed. I did not have to come back to Georgia, I did not have to go back to jail. I was able to handle all of my probation matters over the phone. An outcome for my case I did not expect. Kevin did a fantastic job in counseling me and keeping me abreast of my case as it progressed. Whenever I called Kevin he would either call me back within minutes or email me to follow up. Not only that, he was also very patient with my lack of spoken English over the phone. He always stayed connected to me and my case.

    A truly fantastic lawyer and a great job by Kevin.
    Thank you for all of your help and guidance. I owe you one!!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    The Courageous Attorney Kevin Fisher

    It's honestly taken some time before submitting this....however, I'm here to say......This is Real. I was stopped back in October 2o14 for Speeding,Failure to Maintain Lane & even worse. ...DUI. With this being my 2nd within 5yrs.....I was tormented day in, day out. Very nervous for my family, my job, as well as my freedom. It was a long, hard 8Months. But with the grace of God's mercy and the 'courageous' Attorney Kevin Fisher, he got results. He was efficient with communicating, down to earth, witty and very much experienced when it comes to the Legal system which is extremely important when it comes to a DUI. He returned phone calls, and did well via email due to my work schedule. He had advised me step by step what to do before Court.....which really helped because I had so much out the way, even getting in the end manageable consequences. I feel it did help getting an extension for Court for better preparation. I'm relieved that Kevin was constantly working with the Prosecutor, taking time out to speak with the arresting Police Officer, all the way to the Solicitor. Kevin was on my side, and truly cared. He gave it to me 'raw', and told me the downside....I respected that. I've dealt with an Attorney before......same situation who completely 'bamboozled' me. NOT GOOD.Therefore, working with Attorney Kevin was refreshing and he did make me feel comfortable with being upfront, and taking his advice. It's been a tough journey. But I didn't have to do anymore Jail time....nor did I have to deal with hard core ramifications which could have jeopardized my job and my family. I have freedom. Kevin was 'courageous' in the Fight. My case was reduced to a Reckless Driving! It was like a Miracle!!! I was so afraid......I feel as though 8 months of my life came & gone. But thanks to Kevin, I'm able to move forward, handle business & live Life. I highly recommend Attorney Kevin Fisher, hands down!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by AK

    The Absolute Best

    Kevin provided me with the absolute best defense possible while representing me in a DUI case. I was arrested for DUI after being stopped while driving home late one night. I had been drinking while out with a friend, but after I was given the field sobriety test I decided not to submit to further testing. I was also charged with open container and failure to maintain lane. The arresting officer was more than an aggressive DUI cop and this arrest happened in a county notorious for punishing these offenses to the maximum allowable degree. Though I had been charged with a DUI in the past, it was 17 years prior, but the court was attempting to charge me as and punish me as a repeat offender.
    Though I am a very responsible, hard working individual, I admittedly made the wrong decision that night. Terrified that I would possibly loose my job and face jail time, I began a desperate search for a lawyer that would actually care about the dire situation I was in. Luckily I found Kevin. He immediately began to work on my case, and a difficult one it was at that. I was met with less than reasonable legal repercussions and Kevin's patience, skill and diplomacy afforded me much more leniency than I ever thought possible. Once we decided that the jury trial was not a good option in my situation, we had quite a challenge in front of us while bargaining for my freedom with the prosecutor. Kevin was miraculously able to get me NO JAIL TIME. He got the open container charge dropped. He kept me out of DUI Court, which is more than difficult and time consuming to complete and he was able get my drivers license back as well so that I could keep my wonderful job and support my beloved family. He was always very responsive to my questions and concerns. He showed more compassion for my situation than I could have ever given a lawyer credit for in the past. He displayed a unmatched understanding of the system and it's mechanisms and without his expertise my life surely would have been impacted in an extremely devastating way.
    I truly believe that no other lawyer could have received better results in my case than Kevin did. He is an honest, compassionate, skilled lawyer and a wonderful human being. I would recommend him to anyone facing the destructive repercussions of a DUI charge.

    Thank you Kevin!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    DUI to Reckless Driving

    After stopping on the side of the road due to 2 flat tires, I was arrested for DUI. I am a student with my whole life ahead of me. I'm a good person and always done the right thing. The officer didn't want to listen to me and arrested me. I refused the state administered breath test and was facing a 1 yr. license suspension. I hired Mr. Fisher and it was the right decision. He worked very hard for me and kept me informed the whole time. He was able to talk to the prosecutor and was able to get my DUI reduced to Reckless Driving. Thank You Mr. Fisher for everything you did. You're greatly appreciated.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    A Great Law Office

    Unfortunately after being out one evening, I was stopped for Speeding, Failure to Maintain Lane, and DUI. With this being my 2nd one within was a very serious situation. After contacting a few Attorneys, I reached out to The Law Office of Richard Lawson.

    Mr Lawson was very engaged with listening to my situation, and was very much willing to recommend a great member on his team for me to work with. I was seriously stressed out, and couldn't believe this was even happening. Mr Lawson had given me all the contact info I needed to reach out to his team member. I was very grateful. I would most definitely recommend The Law Office of Richard Lawson to any one in need of a legal matter! They're phenomenal!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Jason

    Extremely Happy

    I called and visited 4 attorneys before I talked to Kevin. All previous attorneys told me how tough dade county is and we would have to beat it in trial. Kevin described the judge and prosecutor as you would a close friend. He thought we could get the driving less safe DUI reduced before going to court. I felt Kevin's previous experience and intimate knowledge was more valuable than the previous lawyers I had talked to. I immidiately hired him and felt I had made the right choice. Kevin got right to work, I sent him everything I had. He kept me up to date informing me of conversations with the prosecutor. He pushed the initial court date back three times working on the prosecutor. He called me up one day and asked how I'd feel if the DUI just went away. The next day we were signing papers in the Judges office. The DUI was dropped, no other charges. As we excited the office Kevin said "and that is why you hire a lawyer!"
    I highly recommend Kevin Fisher, I felt very confident going to war with him. He is sharp, on the ball and a good strategist.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Kevin Fisher is a Miracle Worker!

    Kevin Fisher is amazing! I was stopped after going through a Police Roadblock. I did not even know that it was a roadblock but apparently it was.
    An officer followed me just after passing through and stopped me and arrested me for DUI/Refusal.
    This was my second DUI in the past five years.
    From what I read and researched, this was a really really bad situation that I was in.
    I met with Mr. Fisher and he walked me through the entire process. I was terrified to say the least, but Mr Fisher was kind and patient with me answering all of my questions and explaining things to me in a way that I could understand. He personally answered all of my emails and returned every phone call personally. He was always polite, respectful and honest.
    My case initially started in a lower court, a municipal court.
    Kevin was not happy with the offer made by the solicitor so we decided to transfer my case to State Court.
    Almost two years went by and sure enough I was back in court.
    I have never seen a person work so hard other than Mr. Fisher. He is very dedicated and passionate about the work he does for his clients.
    He had multiple meetings with the prosecutor and the prosecutor’s boss.
    He never laid down and never gave up on me and my case. I had complete trust in him and more importantly, he believed in me.
    I have children that need me to drive and I have a very demanding job in the movie business.
    Mr. Fisher met with me multiple times at my convenience and always was very honest and realistic. It was one of the scariest times of my life but I felt safe with Mr Fisher representing me.
    What transpired was truly a miracle for me and my family.
    The DUI was DISMISSED. No jail time, no severe conditions for probation. I did not even get Reckless Driving. Just DISMISSED!!!
    I am overjoyed with emotion because my kids can still depend on me and I can continue to work in the movie business. My children and my work are my life! Mr Fisher knew that and cared enough to work relentlessly to prevent me from losing those things that I hold so dear.
    I would highly recommend Mr. Fisher to anyone that has a criminal charge against them. He will do everything in his power and expertise to get the best outcome.
    Thank you, Thank you Mr. Fisher. You are a Miracle Worker! You saved me!!!


  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Cornelius

    Saved my Career Kept my CDL

    I was stopped for speeding and was arrested for Driving Under the Influence. In Marion County GA
    I did not know what to expect. I drive trucks for a living and have CDL. I have never been in trouble before but I knew this was serious and my career was on the line. 
    Kevin did an awesome job for me. He worked the case from the very beginning. He was not happy with the result from the lower court (Probate in Marion County) so the case was transferred to the Superior Court. 
    The Assistant District Attorney would not accept a proposal for a reduction to reckless because I blew a .134 on the breath test. Kevin never gave up I mean never. He prepared a Motion to Exclude the breath test through the holiday weekend and also prepared to argue this motion in court. 
    The prosecutor was impressed with Kevin in that the arguments Kevin made allowed my case to be reduced to reckless driving and my speeding ticket to be dismissed. The judge also allowed me to plea as No Contest resulting in no points on my license which was a very impressive. Kevin advised me to complete all of the conditions in advance so I had little left to do other than pay the fine. A miraculous result.  

    Kevin, You Are The Man!! Thank you for everything.