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Kevin Raymond Fisher

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Jeremiah

    Made the best of an awful situation!

    I was arrested for DUI, Speeding, and less than 1 ounce of Marijuana possession. Definitely not my proudest moment. Kevin Fisher from the start, treated me with respect and dignity. He did not judge me for my shortcomings, he honestly understood, that even the best of us can make mistakes and find ourselves in unfortunate situations. He was responsive to my wife and me, and he was the consummate professional. I had never been in trouble before, and my primary concern was protecting my ability to drive, and protecting my Security Clearance, as I work in the DoD space. Kevin at the beginning, asked me what my primary goals were, and he delivered on those goals. Kevin got the DUI reduced to reckless driving, the speeding dismissed and the Marijuana possession dismissed with minimal conditions. The end results were outstanding considering what I faced at the onset. I could not be happier with Kevin's expertise and diligence. The best part of the experience was the genuine pleasure and ownership Kevin took upon himself, to ensure a positive outcome for me. I could tell that he truly enjoys helping people like myself, who are so un-prepared for such a daunting situation. Again, good people do stupid things, and he never judged me, he only tried his best to get me through this, and he did so superbly. Thank you so much Kevin, from my family to yours, I truly wish you all the best and appreciate so much what you have done for me and my family.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Jeff

    greatest lawyer

    I woundnt hire any body else the best hands down got me off a DUI nicest friendlyest down to earth and knows his job. He is more like a friend than a lawyer

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by ME

    Can not thank Kevin Fisher enough for representing my case.

    I was unfortunately charged with Driving on a Suspended License and Headlight Violation. I was taken to jail- such a terrible experience. I had used Kevin Fisher for my DUI and immediately called him after getting out of jail. He had done a wonderful job representing me before and knew he would be able to help. Kevin immediately took my case, was able to get my Headlight Violation dismissed and the Driving on a Suspended License amended to a reduced charge with NO fine. Even better, I did not even have to appear in court. Kevin handled the entire case, without me having to appear. I appreciate Kevin's professionalism, communication and ability to get such great results. THANK YOU, Kevin! I greatly appreciate your representation.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Jennifer

    Amazing Lawyer!

    I was arrested for a DUI, Reckless Driving, and Failure to Obey Traffic Control Device. I hired Kevin to assist me with my case. Kevin was a great listener and he always made time for me when I had questions or concerns pertaining to my case. My case was difficult because the officer that arrested me was almost killed shortly after my arrest due to a drunk driver hitting him at a traffic stop. This was not a good situation because the officer was injured because of a drunk driver and he did not want any of his prior DUI arrests reduced to reckless driving. Kevin met with he prosecutor several times concerning my case. He never backed down as my advocate and was truly persistent with such an arduous case. In the end, my DUI was reduced to reckless driving, all other charges dismissed, and I never had to go on probation. Thank you so much Kevin for doing such a great job, not for just being a great attorney, but for also being a very understanding and hard working person!!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Satisfied Client - Super Attorney

    I was charged with a Violation of Probation due to speeding and reckless driving charges. This took place in a not so forgiving county.  Kevin was able to keep me out of jail. 

    I was never revoked on my probation violation. 

    The reckless driving was dismissed and all I had to pay was a fine for the speeding ticket. A great result.
    I truly thought I was in a lot of trouble.  Kevin was there for me to save the day. 

    I can't thank him enough! I totally recommend Kevin if you are are seeking an attorney that is attentive, honest, responsive, professional, result oriented, and sincere about the well being of his clients.

  • 3.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Kevin Fisher

    Honestly he was very responsive and it was my first time getting arrested and got into any legal trouble. Very knowledgeable in his approach. He is a pricy and over charges for his services. If it is your first time into any trouble make sure you research your budget and study your outcome of your case.

    Kevin Raymond Fisher’s response: “I would be happy to discuss the resolution of this case on how the case was handled from beginning to end. I work very hard for my clients as per the 146 reviews that are all 5 stars. If you would like to discuss in further detail, please call my cell phone number. You should have it or you can email me directly. I appreciate the feedback from you.”
  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Michael

    Did everything he promised. And then some.

    I was charged with a Stop Sign Violation and Disorderly Conduct while on the way to a music festival.
    Thankfully I was not arrested.
    However, the city where this took place seemed to be looking at increasing revenues due to the festival participants coming to town.
    On the disorderly conduct ticket, the officer wrote a note regarding possession of a controlled substance which would have been a felony offense.
    The overall result was excellent.
    Kevin was able to step in after I had already paid for both tickets and get the stop sign violation to be dealt with as a No Contest plea, he got the note regarding the controlled substance scratched off the ticket, AND he got me a $321 refund AND I never had to step foot in court.
    He saved me time, money and a big hassle.
    Thank you Kevin for you help and guidance. thanks for having my back.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Excellent service for an out-of-state College student

    I was charged with an improper working headlight violation. Unfortunately, I attend college elsewhere and getting to and from Atlanta Municipal Court was very difficult and costly.
    I hired Mr. Kevin Fisher and he did an great job from the second I hired him. He spoke to my family and I about what to expect and the processes of the court. He was able to get the charge 100% DISMISSED with no fine AND I did not have to fly back into to Atlanta to appear in court.
    Thank you Kevin for doing such great work and getting my case dismissed. Your efforts were greatly appreciated.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Kevin Raymond Fisher is the best laywer

    Kevin Raymond Fisher is the best lawyer ever! I was arrested for DUI and Failure to Maintain Lane. There were several officers involved in the traffic stop. It was an extremely horrible experience. I am a highly regarding professor at a notable university.
    I travel internationally for speaking engagements. From the beginning, Kevin never stopped fighting for me. He worked very hard in making sure I was up to date with my case. His hard work paid off, my DUI was reduced to Reckless Driving even though I had a blood alcohol concentration of .097. Kevin was extremely sharp and responsive and attentive to every call I made. He studied my case with all the details and talked with me on numerous occasions to figure out the entire picture. He was professional and patient in answering all the questions I have. Never in my life have I been in any legal trouble, so I was very nervous and anxious. Kevin not only helped me dealing with the psychological stress, but also explained to me the process with abundant knowledge and wisdom that was beyond words. Throughout the entire process, I have every confidence in him because of who he is and what he does! His true professionalism is exemplary. Thank you Kevin for an amazing outcome. You truly saved my life and career. I would highly highly highly recommend Kevin for any criminal defense matter. You are in good hands with Kevin Fisher. Truly!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    you nevere want to need an attorney but f you do Kevin is your guy

    I was arrested for DUI and Failure to Maintain Lane.
    From the beginning this was an uphill battle.
    I looked horrible on video and did not perform well on any of the field sobriety tests.
    Kevin worked very hard to get me such a great result.
    Ultimately the DUI was reduced to Reckless Driving.
    I am a professional and driving is very important to me and in maintaining my career.
    He met with police officer at 10:30 PM on a night during the week to plead my case and also met with the prosecutor several times.
    He never stopped fighting.
    He answered all of my questions and concerns and always made time for me.
    A very good attorney and very caring.