Mr. Hodges can see *right through* to the vulnerabilities in the Prosecution's side of things. He knows how to order the preservation of exculpatory evidence - it was a learning experience discussing and dissecting the case. His extensive experience shows in how he handles all sides and parties involved with the case, with a no-nonsense manner yet respectful. Mr. Hodges' presentation skills are outstanding, and he is a truly respectable attorney - how a lawyer treats his client really does matter - he communicated with me what was going on with the case and where the vulnerabilities lay with the Prosecution's charges. I was not flipped off to some secretary, either. I have suffered other attorneys' lack of follow-through and Mr. Hodges is absolutely on-task and communicative! (And his office *is* easy to get to.) There was ZERO delay or hindrance in reaching him, and his communication is ON-point and very accurate, designed to get the business at hand DONE.

The bottom line is: I know this attorney can get the job done. He cares deeply about his work, and his clients, and it's very relieving to have a solid attorney on your side. I recommend him!