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Howard J. Weintraub

Howard Weintraub’s client reviews

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  • Truly Compassionate and Dedicated

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Carlos

    Due to a brutal addiction to alcohol and prescription sedatives, I found myself in a tricky legal situation earlier this year. Retaining Howard J. Weintraub as my attorney was by far the best decision I made -not only because of my hearing's outcome, but because of Mr. Weintraub's concern and dedication for my well being.

    He always treated me with dignity and respect. Whenever I had concerns or anxieties, Mr. Weintraub was always quick to answer my questions in a reassuring and honest fashion. He kept me informed and I always felt "in the loop."

    I never felt like I was "just another client," and always felt as if Mr. Weintraub gave my case the attention and dedication I felt it deserved. I personally know that he worked long hours on my hearing, even preparing for it on evenings and Sunday mornings.

    Fortunately, my hearing concluded with a favorable outcome. Mr. Weintraub, however, wasn't merely concerned with my legal problems. Rather, he was deeply interested that I seek help for my addiction issues. He asked that I choose a treatment center that I felt comfortable with. Mr. Weintraub then persuaded both my probation officer and judge to let me complete treatment and said center, rather than sentence me to further incarceration. Since my court date, he has remained in contact with me and my family in order to check up on my progress.

    I am currently a member of Alcoholics Anonymous and am working the program's 12 steps with a sponsor. I am receiving a quality of care that is above par to any that I have seen in other therapeutic communities. I am taking all of this very seriously, and am aware that my life's new direction is as a result of Mr. Weintraub's iron clad work ethic. Not only has he been an amazing attorney. He's turned out to be a confidant and friend as well.

    Because of these reasons, I whole heartedly recommend his services to anybody needing legal representation.

  • An Exceptional trusted advisor and defender

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Arbitration client

    I initially contacted Mr. Weintraub after reviewing the ratings of other attorneys in this area. This was the first experience for my teenage son, who was charged as a minor in possession, with an open container. What a surreal experience, when I was called by my son at 3am in the morning. I called Mr. Weintraub's office later that morning and by the afternoon both my son and I were coached with advise on the legal process, alternatives, reasonable expectations and the possible outcomes. Mr. Weintraub and his legal staff provided a calming effect by explaining the process in layman terms, but I also observed how efficiently Mr. Weintraub executed his legal skills and diplomacy in the courtroon, with the solicitor and speaking with the judge. We are on track to have this matter resolved with a very positive outcome and my son has also learned a lot through this process in terms of how the legal system works. The discussions between Mr. Weintraub and my son have provided a learning experience my son will will definitely remember and appreciate in the future. Mr. Weintraub and his legal staff have gone above and beyond my expectations as both a defense lawyer and an individual who is interested in my son understanding and respect for the legal system. I highly recommend Mr. Weintraub and his legal team without hesitation.

  • Honest, Respectful, Professional, and Best in Defense.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Brian

    I highly recommend the Law Office of Howard Weintraub to anyone desiring the best criminal law defense. In my dealings with the law office, I always was treated with the utmost respect. Phone calls and e-mail communications were returned 99% of the time within 24 hours or less. Howard did not make extravagant promises about the case; however, he came through with the exact plan he proposed and my charges were dismissed.
    My experience with being arrested for domestic violence is not dissimilar to others I have read about. The law enforcement officers did the best they could to keep the peace, but sometimes they get the wrong people. The media did not help anyone involved. Howard saw through this and designed a defense to secure my good name and character.
    I still proudly serve my country, and I am working on my Masters degree with a 3.9 GPA. I honestly believe that without Howard's help I could be experiencing lesser freedoms. I am glad I found Howard Weintraub on If you need an attorney, I highly recommend the Law Office of Howard Weintraub.

  • Howard Weintraub - Best Attorney in Atlanta

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Edward

    I have worked with Attorneys on various Civil and Criminal issues in the past and Howard Weintraub is without a doubt, a class above the rest. In my most recent situation, Howard was asked to take over a criminal case from another attorney, who's strategy was to wait for the judicial process to wind down to the statute of limitations. This strategy resulted in Felony charges hanging on the Defendants record, blocking work and school opportunities. Howard's experience, knowledge and expertise lead the defense in a completely different direction, and the case was resolved in a timely manner and in favor of the defendant. In addition, Howard and his staff's efforts resulted in an expungement of the origional charges.
    Throughout the process Howard and his staff were completely candid and proactive involving the defendant and myself in every strategic decision and action.
    There are many attorneys to choose from, but there are few attorneys who can not only prepare a viable defense, but have the skill to present this defense in a logical, clear and persuasive way to the court.
    I believe Howard Weintraub is the best attorney I have ever worked with. I have recommended him to family and friends in the past, and will continue to do so in the future.

  • Howard is an excellent lawyer; he was very supportive, understanding and resolved my cases successfully. Kudos!!!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Ian

    Howard and team are amazing. Thanks a million to Ben and Debi; they compliment Howard very well.

    I hired Howard for my misdemeanor cases and was truly impressed with his service. He clearly explained the process and my options; I felt quite comfortable and confident with his expertise and backing.

    He is easily accessible; in person; over the phone or email. I always received a prompt response and never had trouble. Even though I left Atlanta, I was always able to communicate with Howard and Ben over the phone or email. Also, whenever I requested any clarifications or documents, I received them promptly.

    Howard handled my case very professionally. At the same time, he was personally caring for my situation since I was going through personal crisis. It was real nice to have someone who not only conducts business professionally, but is also compassionate.

    I highly recommend Howard; you can be rest assured that with his knowledge and experience he will certainly work in your best interests.

  • Probation Revocation - look no further

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Perez

    Looking for an attorney can be a daunting task. After speaking with a few attorneys, I called the law offices of Howard Weintraub, and a woman answered. She asked intelligent questions the others had overlooked, answered my questions, and then transferred me to Mr. Alper. He confirmed a lot of the answers, had additional questions, and explained what their office could do for us. There was no sales pitch, no tactics – which others that I interviewed had used that day. My son would be facing a probation revocation hearing and a DUI. Mr. Alper came across as honest and caring. He explained Mr. Weintraub was in court, but they would both meet with me, and answer any additional questions. Again, no sales pressure.

    When we met everyone, Debi, the woman that had answered the phone, was there to greet us. She was motherly and kind, and reassured us. Howard Weintraub was extremely thorough during our first interview. He was forthright, and outlined a strategy that I thought was brilliant. He made no promises other than he would work tirelessly for us. Ultimately, his strategy resulted in the best possible outcome for our family.

    For the most part, I would hope lawyers abide by a high code of ethics and steer their clients to play by the rules. Mr. Weintraub goes beyond that. He genuinely cares for his clients. He works tirelessly for the best possible outcome. And, he makes himself personally available throughout the process. What could be more honorable than that? There are no words that can express our deep gratitude to Mr. Weintraub and his staff for their help and support during this process.



  • Great Attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a DUI & DWI client

    Mr. Weintraub epitomizes what an attorney should be....very professional, caring, skillful and a great planner. Most importantly, he truly cares about those he takes on as clients and works with all parties to find the best possible solution and outcome. His handling of our case was precisely what we expected from the first day we met him. We would highly recommend this attorney, his client relationship and legal experience and skills are excellent.

  • DUI Resolved

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a DUI & DWI client

    In November of 2011, my son was charged with DUI after he was stopped by police and blew a .161, over twice the legal limit. We turned to attorney Howard Weintraub for help and I can’t say enough about Howard’s legal expertise and professionalism. Prior to his DUI charge, my son had been losing a tremendous amount of weight. His driver’s license listed my son as 240 pounds but the day he was stopped, he weighed only 200 and had little to eat that day. Also, my son had previously suffered several instances of sports related head trauma. Howard argued that these factors had an adverse effect on both the sobriety tests and the breathalyzer machine. The court agreed, and dismissed my son’s DUI charges!
    My son is a fine young man who in May, will be graduating from college with a Business Administration degree and a major in Finance. Following his graduation, he is looking to enter the corporate world and/or further his education in graduate school. Having a DUI conviction on his record would have been devastating to his educational path and future career. Thanks to Howard’s experience, my son is now free to continue his life without this legal burden hanging over his head. I would highly recommend Howard Weintraub to any individual with a legal problem.

  • Howard is the best!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a DUI & DWI client

    Howard was genuine and very caring in handling my case. He really listens to you as a client and makes you feel like you in extremely capable hands. He made going through the whole process as tolerable as something like that can be. I hope I don't ever need him again, but I know if I do - he's there for me!


    5.0 stars

    Posted by a DUI & DWI client

    Howard Weintraub is masterful in the courtroom. This is as I perceived him as he deposed the arresting officer who mas moving to Afghanistan and the State moved to have his testimony preserved in my DUI/Less Safe Court case. He knew everything to ask and ascertain from the officer and was bold and aggressive in the treatment of Henry County's court system. His New York style and sense of humor made me feel like I was in the winning scene from "My Cousin Vinny". He was totally prepared and didn't hesitate to discredit the officer's testimony by any and all means. Howard wanted to take my case to court but in my best interest he was able to plea the charge down to reckless driving. I believe with a fair jury selection Howard could have won the case. He was not willing to take the chance however, that Henry County could lock me up for an extended time and impose all their punishments
    that they would have. The mere fact that Howard got the charges dropped to reckless driving speaks of the hard work that Howard and his associate Ben Alper had done as Henry County never wants to let anything go.
    Howard kept me informed throughout the affair of my case. He was always very kind and sympathetic about my case and answered all my questions and addressed my concerns through his knowledge and wisdom of the law. I would highly recommend Howard and his team to anyone who finds themselves in trouble with a DUI arrest. My only regret during the process was that I did not get to see Howard perform during a jury trial. I have no doubt that he would have made me see legal
    Thank you to Pat, his legal secretary who called me numerous times and took many of my phone calls and relayed messages. Thanks to Ben, Howard's associate
    for being so cool during my plea bargain. Trust me, my stress was less.
    Again, a personal, heartfelt thank you, Howard for working so hard for me.