Benjamin Black Alper

Benjamin Black Alper

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GA DUI Criminal Defense lawyer, Benjamin B. Alper, offers individuals charged with a Georgia DUI - driving under the influence or faces criminal charges. Specializing in Federal white collar,  Tax Fraud, Drugs, Trafficking, Fraud and money laundering.

About Me 

An Emory University School of Law graduate himself, it was no surprise when Mr. Weintraub hired criminal defense attorney, Benjamin Black Alper to join his firm. With experience that encompasses nearly all aspects of criminal defense, Ben is a natural fit and valued team member of the Weintraub Law Firm!

Ben Alper is an experienced litigator with experience that includes: U.S. Attorney’s Office, Northern District of Georgia, the Georgia Attorney General’s Office, Criminal Justice Division, and the Northern Virginia Capital Defender’s Office. As a Research Assistant for Emory University School of Law, he is accredited for his valuable contribution to writing law review articles in the areas of criminal procedure and corporate crimes.

Prior to attending Emory’s School of Law, Ben graduated with Honors from Washington University in St. Louis after spending two years at the United States Military Academy at West Point where he earned Dean’s list honors every semester.

Knowing all too well that clients are often confused and frustrated in contending with the particulars of an impending criminal investigation or charges, Ben possesses exceptional communication and people skills which help to alleviate fear and confusion that most clients often undergo during the legal process.