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Prevented one misunderstand from ruining my life

Posted by: Paul, a Criminal Defense client about 2 years ago.

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Kept me informed

I recommend Nicholas Lotito

I hired Nicholas 1-3 years ago.

Nicholas handled my Criminal Defense matter.

I have previously worked with 1-2 lawyers.

I was very lucky to have discovered Nick when the State of GA brought charged me with a felony that I did not commit. I had been released on bond but with a travel restriction so I could not leave the state, but was slated to start a new job outside the state the following week! When I explained the situation to Nick, he reacted quickly and intervened. He was able to get the travel restriction lifted before even all the case's papers had arrived at the courthouse! As the case progressed, he kept me fully in the loop on everything development and did everything possible to help. He was able to get the charges dropped fully on the very first court date with out an issue. Once the charges were dropped, he even helped me to free my car from impound by providing paperwork and doing the research needed to get it released. I realize that Nick provided me with the best possible outcome of this case, and could not have done it without him. If you are looking at heavy charges and need someone who will fight for you and keep you updated as much as possible, Nick comes highly recommended from me.