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Leigh R. Bodner

Leigh Bodner’s client reviews

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Nathan

    Good on Appeals

    Thoroughly prepared my criminal appeal having it won with a 1 percent chance statistically in the Ga Sentence review panel board which is no longer a board now. I had a complex case and things worked out well. I got 4 years of my life back thanks to this guy which could have been in prison.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Tom

    Leigh is a Hero.

    Leigh professionally handled four separate matters for me and my family. In each case he applied his knowledge and expertise to reach a very successfuly decision. Moreover, each case involved different subjects.

    As an example, Leigh represented me when landowner inadvertently burned about 150 acres of trees on our family tree farms. Although the attorneys and insurance company did not want to fully reimburse us for our loss, Leigh was able to obtain valuable information regarding the process of measuring financial loss related to fire-damaged pine trees. With this information in hand, the insurance company and attorneys increased the amount of damages by over 300%.

    In another unrelated case, a former client of mine made false charges against me to a professional board in the state of Georgia. Lee collected all of the pertinent information regarding the case and presented it to the board which after reviewing the information ruled that the charges were without merit and thus ruled in our favor.

    In a most recent case, Leigh helped me to collect overdue professional fees. My client's defense was that the amount owed to me was incorrect. However, Leigh performed a review of the information and resolved that the amount in question was correct. Leigh represented me in court and he won the case!

    In another example, the homeowners' association sent us a letter which we thought had a baseless charge. Again, we turned over case materials to Leigh who was successful in representing us. We received a letter of apology from the president of the association and the individual who filed false charges against us was fired.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Greg

    I recommend Mr. Bodner

    In January of 2010, Mr. Bodner provided legal counsel for our family. I found Leigh to be invaluable in the disposition of our case. I heartily recommend Mr. Bodner.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Joey

    I am very happy to recommend Mr. Leigh Bodner

    I have known Leigh for nearly two decades and I am pleased to say that I don't expect to ever need another lawyer. I have used his services for a variety of issues and ALWAYS come out with better than expected results. I was always given a fair and accurate appraisal of what to expect and what i would need to pay, these were honored or, as i said, bettered.
    In addition, I have recommended Mr. Bodner to several friends who have had similar results. The man is honest, professional, available, courteous, returns calls.....what more can you ask for?