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Attorney W. Scott Smith is the Founder and Principal of W. Scott Smith P.C. law firm in Atlanta, GA. Scott has quickly become recognized as one of the best criminal defense attorneys in the State and has expertise in DUI and Drug related cases. His down to earth approach and compassionate demeanor are widely applauded by clients and peers alike. His incredible 90% win record for trial cases and consistent recommendation from satisfied clients, continue to drive his firm’s meteoric growth in the greater Atlanta area.


Scott’s educational background includes a Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Alabama and a law degree from the esteemed Widener University School of Law in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. There he excelled in the top of his class and was involved as a Member of Moot Court Honor Society and was the Academic Development Chairman and Internal Competition Chairman.

After finishing law school, Scott continued to refine his foundational understanding of the legal process in the Trial Advocacy Program at the National College of District Attorneys, he also attended the National Institute for Trial Advocacy, in Boulder Colorado, and was a Trial Advocacy Participant with BASIC Litigation in Forsyth, Georgia. Scott also studied Mediation and Negotiation at the Georgetown University Law Center.


Scott contributes much of his success, to his early career decision to work for the State. During his tenure with the State he served as a prosecutor for both, Cobb County and the Solicitor Generals office of Fulton County. It was during his time as a prosecutor that he co-authored the manual on “Voir Dire” questioning, the questioning used to interview potential jury candidates.

During these first years, Scott immersed himself in the methods the State used to build their cases against each defendant. He rode along with police officers, worked with other prosecutors and became acquainted with judges, learning how they thought and what they looked for in each case. Scott gained valuable insight into the intrinsic detail of the legal process.


After many years of working as a prosecutor Scott realized his strengths and desires were more in line with peoples’ rights than the laws of the state. He earnestly wanted to help defend those rights, as given by the Constitution. He understands that most people who have received a DUI are not bad people, but that they have just found themselves in a bad situation. Today, he uses the knowledge gained as a Prosecutor to go to bat for his clients.


As recognized by his peers, Attorney Scott Smith has been the recipient of the Super Lawyers Rising Star award for the past two years. As recognized by his clients, he is “the only lawyer for the job when it comes to DUI defense.”

One client enthused, “The results of my case left me very happy, and I was able to get on with my life. I would sincerely recommend Scott to anyone looking for an attorney in his area of expertise”. Another wrote “it was my first DUI and I had no idea what to do…He knew exactly what steps to take and when to take them…I highly recommend Scott’s services.”


Scott has also had many high profile clients, including local sports celebrities and other high net worth individuals in the Atlanta area. All of which have praised him for his tireless efforts on their behalf and his solid results.

Scott wants to work with you and treats every case as if its his future on the line, because he knows that the client’s is. He understands that the burden of proof is on the state, and will work hard for you to hold the state to that standard. Talent, expertise and consistent results are hallmarks of Attorney Scott Smiths career.

Despite his busy work schedule, Scott still finds time to contribute as an active member of The National College of DUI Defense, Georgia Association for Criminal Defense Lawyers, The Lawyer Club of Atlanta, the Cobb County Bar Association and the Sandy Springs Bar Association.