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If you want to fight a DUI, Criminal Case or Traffic Ticket, we are YOUR firm. Our job is to obtain a reduced plea or win at trial, keep you out of jail & keep you driving. Contact us 24 hours - 7 days a week. Our attorneys have over 150 yrs of total experience. FREE interview. Unmatched personal service. See my web profile: & my #1 NATIONAL AVVO ranking (all practice types):


I have been handling criminal cases, primarily DUI-DWI, since I began practice June 10, 1976.  At this stage of my career, I limit the number of cases I accept each year. Our firm spends whatever time is necessary to seek a favorable solution of each client's problem.  Most of my cases are referrals from attorneys, judges, prior clients, police officers that I face in court & personnel from the courts where I practice.  My reputation for fighting and winning cases that are seemingly UNWINNABLE has been the key to my success as a trial attorney.  I do not apologize for my higher legal fees, because I do not approach the handling of a case the way almost all other attorneys do.  Our staff (not an answering service) answers my phones 24 hours a day, every day of the year.  I have staff members [paralegals] here with me from 6 AM until 7 PM or later at least 5 days per week.  I file and make (argue) MANY more motions, challenges to the validity of arrests, speedy trial demands, objections to admissibility of evidence offered by the Prosecutor's evidence than most criminal defense attorneys.  I have handled more trials of DUI-DWI cases than any other lawyer in Georgia.  Plus, I will appeal a case for my client as far as I have to in an attempt to obtain a good result for my clients.  Many people facing DUI, drug possession, or serious injury by vehicle or vehicular homicide accusations appreciate the total dedication to finding a favorable solution and gladly pay the fees and associated costs for challenging these cases.  For these clients, the extra effort and unrelenting take-no-prisoners approach is what they want and what they expect.