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Page Anthony Pate

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  • The Man

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Danny Brantley

    I am pleased to give my highest recommendation for Page to anyone in need of a Top Quality Professional Attorney who is totally committed to his clients interest, especially to those who have been accused of very serious crimes.

    My son Matthew was falsely accused of hitting another person with a beer bottle down in Jones County, Ga., which resulted in Aggravated Assualt charges.
    In the beginning Matt had a Public Defender representing him and it became very, very difficult to distinguish the prosecutor from the public defender who was constantly advising him to accept the plea-offer of 20 do 10.
    around last September of 2010, Matt released the Public Defender in his case and it was very obvious the Proscecutor was highly irritated when Page Pate was hired to represent my son.
    Since this case is still on going I will stop here for now, however It is good to know that Page Pate is incharge of my Son's defence now. Why doesn't the prosecution seem so eager any more? Thanks again Pate

  • Exceptional Representation

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    I was charged with several felonies and felt that, if convicted, my life would be over. The period between investigation until arrest was close to two years, then almost another year for indictment. I had representation from an attorney who had done much business-related work for me in the past, but after reflecting on it, decided this matter was beyond his capabilities. I contacted Page, who spent quite a bit of time during our initial phone conversation listening and offering his opinion regarding my case. I had decided to hire him before I even made the phone call, but I felt even better after our first face-to-face meeting. I left his office knowing that I had the best possible legal representation. After he received my file from the DA in the county in which I was charged, he immediately found problems with the case. In every phone call he gave me realistic expectations and possible outcomes. The best phone call was the one where he informed me that, after much back-and-forth with the DA, all charges had been dismissed before trial. I know every case is different, but I never even set foot in a courtroom because of Page's expert handling of my case. Page's reputation is well-deserved.

  • Finally Over!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Matt

    Without going into too many details about my case, I can tell you that I was extremely impressed at how Page was able to prove my innocense without hurting anyone in the process. This was a difficult situation to be in, I can tell you first hand! The delicacy, professionalism and ethical approach taken by him and his office was second to none. Throughout the process, I found myself becoming bitter with the "State" and the "alleged victum", wanting to change my situation from a "defensive to offensive" scenario. Page, was very good about explaining why this was not a good idea and helped to keep me on track with the overall objective. I am sure that Page probably doesn't want to get very "personal" with his "clients" but when someone does their job with the ethics that he demonstrated throughout my case, there is no way a life-long friendship cannot be established.

  • Sedulously represented me

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Violent Crime client

    When I went to trial we had motioned for discovery, unbeknown to us three days into the trial the prosecution entered into evidence a 600 page federal investigation and nearly 20 mini discs the state never turned over as evidence they had recorded from alleged victims and witnesses. Irate, Page swiftly acted after a Federal agent made incriminating statements under oath against me. By the end of the day Pate was able to review hours of mini discs and hundreds of pages with his team and was able to determine that the federal agent was falsifying information on the stand in order to win a conviction for the state and begin proceeding with Federal charges. I'll never forget the way Mr. Pate took the stage and began to examine the federal investigator "Agent _blah blah blah_ (sort of rhymes with that) you're an educated man, I see that you studied at _Insert Elite Ivy League School_ in _Major US City_. Impressive. Do you read a lot? Oh really! How often!? What was the last book you read!? Very interesting. Now, earlier today you made incriminating statements that you said you had collected during your investigation. Statements that could turn a young man who was 18 at the time of this alleged crime for up to life imprisonment. Now would you please turn to page 456 (not the exact page) and read from paragraph 3, fourth sentence? ..... As the agent testified directly from his statement evidence to the contrary Page throw his arms up and was like "HOW DARE YOU COME INTO THIS COURT ROOM!" "JUDGE! REMOVE THIS WITNESS!" Brilliant.

    In all honesty I was shocked and concerned about my freedom after the agent made those statements and after seeing the prosecution produce loads of mini discs Pate have never seen. WHO USES MINI DISCS!? How would Pate ever sift through all this jargon in time!? Pate even sternly chastised me that this is my life on the line and I better not have been lying to him or withholding the truth. But Pate had it under control as he staunchly returned from his review. Never wavering, Pate commanded the court room swaying jurors who were ready to hang me and presenting evidence that ultimately persuaded the judge that the case against me was bogus and the judged dismissed this case by directed verdict for not guilty never having to go to the jury. Amazing. I think I lost hair that day though. Had it not been for Page Anthony Pate and his team representing me I have no doubt in my mind that the prosecution would have won over the jury with their bogus evidence and continued to maliciously prosecute me... even though the main "victim" came and exonerated me saying that I was not the offender and had been telling the detectives and prosecution for months that I was not involved as they had charged me.

  • Page Pate-excellent and outstanding attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Donald

    Page Pate is a sincere, caring, outstanding attorney who was passionate about my case from the beginning to the successful end. He is very professional and involved in every aspect of the case, always keeping me and my family advised as the proceedings progressed and quickly responding to all our concerns. His obvious knowledge of the Federal judicial system was crutial in allaying our fears and giving us hope and confidence in the future. We will always be grateful that he gave us our lives back and highly recommend him to all.

  • Honest, very gifted, tons of integrity. Who let this guy join the BAR assoc.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Criminal Defense client

    Could not speak more highly of an attorney - and I have had as much courtroom time as defendant than many practicing attorneys (reckless youth, I just forgot to grow up). He is direct and honest, and sincerely passionate about his obligation to his clients. Succesfully defended me on two occasions, one of which was a federal trial, resulting a directed verdict of acquittal from the judge before the jury had time for lunch. This is not a frequent occurence in Federal court. If you are in the unfortunate postion of facing prosecution on a serious case, assume everything you know is wrong, trust no one, and hire Page Pate. That's the sum of everything I learned from the justice system.

  • Great Lawyer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Child Abuse client

    Page was able to take the case where there was little confidence that it would get resolved properly and close it in just a few weeks.

    He is very knowledgeable and quickly put me at ease with what was going on and the possible consequences of the problems I was facing.