Maurice Gibson Kenner

Maurice Gibson Kenner

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Martindale-Hubbell is America's oldest and most respected attorney rating service. Mr. Kenner is AV rated, the highest rating for ethics and professional skills.
Atlanta Criminal Defense Lawyer Maurice G. Kenner co-cousel for Confessed Killer Moody, Fulton County Superior Court
Mr. Kenner has taken special criminal defense training on representing the mentally ill. This was conducted by the Georgia Indigent Defense Council in 1998.
Mr. Kenner and Mike McDaniel were successful at a motion for new trial, overturning a death sentence in a capital murder case. This Fulton County Daily Report front page story aired December 7, 2006.
Mr. Kenner and his co-counsel confer with man who has pleaded guilty to double murder, regarding sentencing. Channel 2 Atlanta news reporting, April 11, 2013.
Maurice Kenner in a 4-week capital murder trial, photo taken April 10, 2013. Co-counsel for man charged with double murder of two teens.
Mr. Kenner learned the Standardized Field Sobriety Test protocol as a cop, and this training has helped him challenge police officers who cut corners or perform the evaluation improperly.
My son, Captain Maurice G. Kenner, Jr., United States Army, and West Point graduate, along with my lovely daughter-in-law, Erica.
Criminal defense is my passion. By joining Bubba Head and the other stellar members of his law firm, I can take my knowledge, skills and passion to a higher level, and expand the firm's experience level on murder, sex crimes, drug possession & forfeiture.
2007 certificate for completing updated training for handling capital cases. Only a handful of Georgia attorneys are "death penalty" qualified. Mr. Kenner is one of them.
Attorney Kenner started his capital murder training nearly 15 years ago. Since then, he has handled over 25 murder cases. This was his first certificate that focused on the special issues relating to capital murder.
In 1999, Mr. Kenner completed another advanced level seminar [for Homicide II]  to prepare him for defending murder cases in Georgia.
Mr. Kenner completed every advanced level seminar for defending murder cases in Georgia. This 1999 certificate of for Homicide I.
Mr. Kenner attended the very first DUI Boot Camp seminar put on by the Georgia Indigent Defense Council. His certificate of completion is shown here.
Mr. Kenner's Certificate of Completion of Georgia Indigent Defense Council training on DUI defense.
United States Congressman Hank Johnson, D-GA from the 4th Congressional District, was one of the many guests celebrating the safe return of Lt. Maurice G. Kenner, Jr. from Afghanistan in 2011. He is speaking with ex-cop Bill Taylor of Gainesville, GA.
Mr. Kenner and Mr. William C. Head in 2011, when Mr. Head sponsored a celebration for then-Lt. Maurice G. Kenner, Jr., upon his returned from a tour of duty in Afghanistan. While in Afghanistan, Lt. Kenner was field promoted from second Lt to first Lt.
My three beautiful and talented children.

About Me 

After a stint in the United States Army following college, I entered the police academy and became a police officer. This training, experience and connections from having served in one of the world's most dangerous jobs created credibility with other police officers and ultimately led me to my career as an attorney. I am in my 20th year of practice, after attending law school while working full time as a police officer.

I went into private practice upon graduating law school and being sworn in for the Georgia Bar, and began handling civil and criminal litigation. However, my roots in criminal law drew me in the direction of defending citizens accused of crimes. Divorce cases, personal injury cases and other litigation helped pay the bills in the early part of my career, but I became known --- among lawyers and judges --- for my skills in criminal defense.

For several years, I was the part-time prosecutor in Decatur Municipal Court. DUI cases were a nightly event in this job, and I learned all of the "ins and outs" of the prosecution's tactics and angles to limit the defense case. When you prosecute cases, you are permitted to attend the prosecutors' seminars, which I did. 

Along my path to becoming a criminal trial attorney, I have taken advanced training in DRUG possession and trafficking cases, DUI, sex crimes, analyzing DNA evidence, challenging ballistics testing, child molestation cases, and over a dozen other highly-specialized areas of criminal defense. Most significantly, I am one of a handful of Georgia attorneys who is "death penalty" qualified, and have handled over 25 murder cases.

So, from defending speeding cases to DUI to drug possession to murder, I have done it all. Like in the medical field, and especially with SURGERY, experience is the best teacher.