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Marvin L. Solomiany

Marvin Solomiany’s Answers

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  • Does the non-custodial parent receive child support when the child is with them for a month or more?

    My ex wife is getting married and moving out of state and I will have the children during the summer.

    Marvin’s Answer

    Yes, unless otherwise provided in the Final Divorce Order. While child support is calculated on a monthly basis, Judges recognize that expenses vary from month to month. As such, courts will not usually modify child support so as to eliminate it during a month when the child is with the non-custodial parent.

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  • Can you modify a custody order at a child support contempt hearing?

    I go to court Monday for child support contempt due to my ex-husband not paying child support since we have been divorces which has been two years. He is now $25K in arrears. I would like to modify our custody order also because he does not visit ...

    Marvin’s Answer

    Unless you filed a separate modification custody action, the court will not allow a modification of custody action to proceed at that time. You must file a separate action.

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