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Henry D. Fellows Jr.

Henry Fellows’s client reviews

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  • Unfair termination

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Ken

    Hank has helped me out personaly on two separate occasions and numerous times in business cases. In all cases, he was hands on, actively involved in all facets of the case, and was extremely innovative in his approach.

    In the two personal cases, they were very small from a revenue aspect, but meant everything to me.

    In case one I was unfairly terminated. Hank developed an innovative approach supported by excellent forensic accountants. After a successful resolution the opposing attorney, who I knew personally commented "you sure picked the right attorney - he took a crappie case (his words) and turned it into a diamond".

    In the second case my mother was killed in a nursing home accident brought about by poor training, an uncaring staff, and a management group who cared about revenue over patients. Hank assigned an associate who was we prepared, as emotionally involved in the case as was my family and I , and developed and implemented a winning strategy that closed down a terrible business..

    Neither of these cases were big revenue generators for the firm. Hank took them because he believed that it was the right thing to do. One does not generally apply those terms to lawyers in today's environment.

  • A Disappointing Experience

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Investment Fraud client

    No question that Mr. Fellows is an incredibly knowledgeable lawyer who comes across as a nice guy who will do everything in his power and training to help you. However, we found that as we approached the date of our hearing, Mr. Fellows no longer did the majority of the investigative and paper work himself, but used three of his new and inexperienced understudies. As a result, Mr. Fellows came across as being quite ill prepared and just going through the motions the day of our hearing. Furthermore, the expert Mr. Fellows chose to strengthen our case only confused our presentation further. Sadly, we put our trust in Mr. Fellows because of his reputation, but he seemed to fizzle out and perform poorly at our hearing. He clearly was not the dynamic person that we first met who instilled hope in correcting our transgression. We later learned from his website that he was also working on a very big impressive settlement which he won a few weeks later. We ended up feeling that we were victims in more ways than one. Therefore, based on our experience, it is our opinion that if your particular case is not a prestigious one or one involving a large settlement, then Mr. Fellows is not the lawyer for you. . Indeed, this whole experience was a very big disappointment for us, the repercussions of which are being felt even more so in the economy as it is today.