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Brian Chiles Tevis

About Brian Tevis

About me

Brian graduated from the University of Georgia and later obtained his Juris Doctor from Wake Forest University's School of Law.  Upon returning to Georgia he began working for the Public Defender's Office in the Atlanta Judicial Circuit defending clients charged with serious crimes at the felony level.  During his time as a Public Defender, Brian represented more than a thousand clients who were charged with felonies ranging from theft and drug charges all the way up to armed robbery, rape, and murder.


After leaving the PD's office for private practice in 2010, Brian handled all of the criminal defense cases with his law firm in addition to expanding into family law/divorce, contracts cases, general litigation, and personal injury.  Having practiced in countless jurisdictions across the state of Georgia, Brian gained invaluable experience and knowledge of various court personnel and procedures as well as getting to know a lot of the prosecutors along the way.


Brian returned to his home in Atlanta in 2012 and started his own practice.  His primary focus is still criminal defense with some personal injury, but he still takes clients on a case by case basis in family law/divorce/child support, contract disputes, and general litigation.


When he's not busy fighting for his clients and ensuring they get the best possible representation under the law, He enjoys tailgating at Georgia games, watching SEC games, brewing beer, traveling, hiking/camping, brushing up on the latest changes in the law, and reading a lot of books.

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