Mr. Maddox's law office at best can be described as incompetent. His staff doesn't return phone calls or emails. Despite me calling every 2-3 days it would take over a week for them to get back to me. They treated me as if I was a burden, not a client. I felt they rushed me through conversations. They avoided answering legal questions. This includes the paralegals.

They mailed important documents to the wrong address, didn't bother to notify me of my court date in any other manner. This is in spite of the fact I asked for email to be our primary communication method. The only reason I knew about my court date was because I happened to check in with their office after not hearing anything for over a month.

The paralegal that reviewed my case flat out lied to me. I told her all applicable details of the case, those good for me and those bad for me, before hiring their firm. This paralegal assured me I had a case. I paid the legal fees and communication on their end became virtually nonexistent.

Months later when it came time for the case to be heard, the court made it perfectly clear I didn't have a case at all. Even my lawyer agreed, urging me to take what I could and be done with it. Mr. Maddox also failed to bring documentation I provided his office with to the court hearing. I had assumed he would bring all relevent paperwork to the hearing, but instead, I was left to frantically search for it online.

Privately during the hearing, I asked Mr. Maddox why his paralegal would tell me I had a case when I clearly didn't. Mr. Maddox promised (using that very word several times) to talk to his paralegal and get back to me within a week. Like the rest of his staff, he never bothered to follow-up with me or return my call. I even emailed him to ask him if everything was finalized/when I would get my decree. He never bothered to reply to that either, instead letting someone else at the office email me and ask for my address again. They had lost it again.

In short order, this office won't return your calls, has little interest in anything outside of your money, and won't fight for you.

They are unprofessional in every definition of the word.