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Drew Bishop’s client reviews

     4.5 stars 13 total

Review Drew Bishop

  • Great and Personal

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Karen

    I recently contacted him regarding a theft by conversion case that I felt I was wrongfully accused he immediately answered my calls and gave me a sense of comfort. He is quickly to respond to my many request for information and assures me that he is there to assist me with my case. I highly recommend this attorney based on his professionalism and knowledge of the law. I would recommend him to all others that need his assistance.. I have not gone to court as of yet but I am confident that he will make this charge go away.

  • You are a person, not a case!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Criminal Defense client

    Drew is an amazing attorney and a great person! I had cases in three counties plus an interstate probation transfer. In the middle of it all, my mother had a stroke. He worked with my family and me with payment arrangements, took my tearful calls, presented me with all the options, and worked hard to make sure I got the best possible outcome. He even made calls on my behalf to help facilitate the transfer of my probation to the west coast. When it was time, he did the impossible - convinced counties which don't normally consider early probation terminations to do them! He was there for me even when the DMV suspended driving privileges they never gave me in the first place! His fees are super reasonable and he knows his stuff. He genuinely cares about his clients. I was a person to him, not a case. AMAZING attorney and person. I refer everyone who needs an attorney to him. I cannot say enough good things about Drew! Hire him! You will definitely NOT be disappointed. - MW

  • He is not your typical attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Casey

    I received a letter in my mailbox from his law firm as I did from many others but Drew was different than any other attorney I have spoken to through this entire legal matter and all others I have experienced in my life time. Generally I consider myself to be a great judge of character and instantly felt that he was genuine and passionate about helping others (apparently I wasn't wrong seeing all his amazing reviews) Just on initial consultation he was able to explain exactly what I was facing, which road I should take, the pros and cons of each direction, and the manner in which we could correct if I had made the wrong choice and/or if the scenario could/ would blind sight us. Drew was a life saver and I didn't even hire him. (My fault not his) Bet your bottom dollar I will next time though!

  • Wow?

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Scott

    Drew Bishop is an outstanding human being!
    I cant believe I'm saying this about a lawyer. Strongly recommend him and his firm.
    1. He is a very down to earth and humble human being!
    2. Very reasonable priced i feel like i robbed him.
    3. Customer service is outstanding!
    4. He contacts u back fast!
    5. He has great court appearance and knows the law!
    I cant say enough great things about Drew and his firm great power house team and they care about there clients! How often can you say these things about a lawyer? Im blown away.

  • Great representation at a fair price

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Patrick

    Drew took my case, listened to what I had to say, reviewed my evidence, and fought my case for me. He knew I was right and he was able to convince the judge that I was not at fault. His price was fair, I would highly recommend him.

  • Drew Bishop is the best lawyer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Ali G.

    Drew is the best lawyer that you can hire. I hired him to help my son with a case he had and he handled the case so professionally. I had had horrible experiences with lawyers before and I am glad to see he is different.

  • Drew is a great lawyer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Drew was great.He help me with a serious felon(First Degree Child Cruelty) I was facing .He took the time out to help me with the stress of the situation because most lawyer don't care as long as their getting paid but not Drew. Thanks Drew -DB

  • Drew Bishop

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Rachel

    I called on Drew to help me go through one of the most difficult times in my life. I knew I could trust him because he also helped my parents settle their divorce. I've heard horror stories from people about how their divorce has taken a year or more to settle. I was truly impressed with how quickly everything was filed and processed. Drew was very proactive in getting a court date as well as getting everything in order. He promptly informed me of all updates. Drew is very knowledgeable and helped me figure out what I needed to do. During this time I was having trouble processing day to day thoughts, much less something as life changing as a divorce. I depended on Drew to make this as quick and painless as possible and he did just that. I will definitely recommend him to anyone needing legal counsel. I sincerely appreciate his work.

  • A Lawyer/Person that truly cares

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Irma

    The best person, lawyer I have met. Took care of my son's issues promptly, was honest, firm and knowledgeable, very responsible and humanly caring. I would recommend Mr Bishop to anyone in need of law assistance. Always kept me informed. Mr Bishop is truly a lawyer that cares for his customer, supportive and most of all a human being that obviusly cares for his job. Thank you Mr Bishop.

  • Just who is he representing ?

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Debt Collection client

    Mr Bishop was hired to collect money for work performed at business.
    That was in October 2010 and it is now January 2013 and no court date as of yet
    At first he would respond with" It takes time to get on the calendar."
    "There are cases more important than yours in the eyes of the court."
    That was my answer from him the first year to year and a half when I had to call him to see where we stood.
    Notice that I said " I had to call him."
    Mr. Bishop has NEVER called me to update me on my case.
    Now he just will not return calls, emails or text messages.