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Michael Bierman’s client reviews

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  • Excellent attorney won for years for me

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Michael Bierman represented me on several occasions in varied civil and several serious criminal matters. He won every case and charged a very reasonable price. I would recommend him to everyone and have. By "D."

  • Knowledgeable, fun loving lawyer with a heart. Rare find.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Adam

    Mike is one of the most interesting people I've met with. Back in 2008 I was starting a business which I needed a legal advisor, Mike agreed to help out me and my company in exchange for a tiny bit of equity. He served as a valuable asset when discussing matters about my business and how to proceed. (Not just legal advice) He may be a little unconventional, but he really wants to help people.

    On two separate occasions I referred some of my best friends to him for different reasons. He helped with one of my friends DUI case and worked with him on payment options. Also helped my girlfriend with an accident case she was in.

    I would recommend Mike for any of your needs. He is really a smart guy that will do everything in his power to help you get the result you are wanting. (Within reason of course)

  • Unprofessional, Unethical, Uncaring "Attorney"

    1.0 star

    Posted by Deborah

    Paid this attorney $1500 up front to represent me in a divorce. He never filed the 1st paper. Every appt. I had with him, he shopped online for antiques, had people come in during my appt's that he discussed other business with...continually insulted me, and berated me for crying! My husband's atty proposed a ridiculous offer, that my attorney advised me to accept..he never suggested a fair or compromising settlement on my behalf! I have never been thru a divorce before, and have only been married once, so the attorney procedure was new to me. I had always thought your lawyer had your best interests in mind, and was to fight for your rights, but this man did none of that! I do think it was his intention all along to take advantage of me, and the emotional situation I was in. After him not doing a thing on my case, he has refused to refund my money.This man's behavior has been very unethical.. My Doctor called to speak to him, and he REFUSED to talk to him! What attorney refuses to speak to a doctor, on his client's behalf??? This unethical, unprofessional attorney, that's who..

    Michael Edward Bierman’s response: “This client demanded that I obtain child support for her five CATS. READ ON. Unfortunately, this client was mentally ill. Another attorney recommended she use me. Thanks. She could not stop crying, and yelled at, insulted, and cursed at me and my staff. She identified herself to everyone as "Cry-baby". She talked to herself incessantly and subjected us to such emotional outbursts that we had to threaten to call the police several times. She demanded several meetings that were unnecessary, and were 4-5 HOURS long each, during which she cried through entire boxes of tissues, cursed at screaming volume, and demanded my total, complete, and uninterrupted attention. She was offended that my phone would ring. In a busy law office, especially when someone arrived without appointment, as she usually did, this is simply impossible. Lawyers must multi-task. She objected to me taking calls from judges or other attorneys. She even objected to me talking with the opposing attorney while she was in the office. Nonetheless, I took the case all the way to a very fair settlement agreement (this was a lot of work, and included hours of negotiation with opposing counsel in person, via email, and telephone). The agreement gave her four years rent-free living in sole possession of the family home; many years of alimony, a nice BMW (paid off), and a large up-front cash settlement. She refused to even let me explain the agreement to her, and in front of a witness, DEMANDED THAT I OBTAIN CHILD SUPPORT FOR HER CATS. I told her that the law did not allow for that, and she called me stupid (and many other things). A doctor called to ask me for details about the case, which of course I could not discuss, then confirmed the client was mentally ill. In the end, this client sent a man to threaten both me and my staff, and the police were called. She was issued with harassing phone call and criminal trespass warnings. I have helped many mentally ill clients, but this one was beyond me. I spent approximately 15 more hours on her case than she paid for, since she refused to pay her attorneys fees. In short, she was a nightmare. I would gladly have paid $1500 to have never met this woman.”
  • Lukewarm

    2.0 stars

    Posted by a Copyright client

    I had two cases of copyright infringement that required the collection of monies owed on a contingency basis. One case was cut and dry and the other involved some messy "spec work" contract issues.
    Mike was great right out of the gate...a real lawyer for the people type. I really respect him personally and his reasons for dedicating himself and his profession to the practice of law.
    Unfortunately, his efforts in my cases started to dim as time drew on. I was not getting any calls from him...and no progress on my cases despite his initial enthusiasm and promises.
    Eventually, he dropped me and my case flat when I started having to goad (infrequently) him.
    Overall, I feel very let down by the one person that I entrusted to handle my sensitive business matters and stand-up for me and help me recover the money that is STILL owed to me for work blatantly stolen from me...leaving me feeling abandoned and disappointed.
    Mike plays the part of a great lawyer and an intellectual...but, I feel as if he lets appearances get in the way- and drops the ball when more effort than he expected is required of him.

    Michael Edward Bierman’s response: “By the way--as to "unresponsive": I met with this client every time he asked to meet, took and returned his every phone call. All without being paid a dime.”