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Dustin Wayne Hightower

Dustin Hightower’s client reviews

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  • Outstanding Professionalism and Conduct!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Hired Attorney

    Mr. Hightower provided me with outstanding legal counsel and saw me through my case with great integrity and a strategic mindset that was clearly apparent in the positive outcome.
    Both Mr. Hightower and his staff were very caring and responsive to my needs and concerns, and I am grateful for his work on my behalf.

    Highly recommend!!!

  • Exceeded My Expectations...

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Gina

    Dustin Hightower was recommended to me durring the worst time of my life. I will be honest, going to meet with him I had my doubts how anyone could make my situation any better. However, after meeting with Dustin just one time, he already had me & my husband at ease. Like he said "Let me do your worrying for you."
    I was falsely accused of first degree forgery, which is a felony. I have never, EVER, been in any sort of trouble in my life so this entire situation was not only terrifying for me, it was humiliating. All I wanted was for this unbelievable nightmare to go away.
    When I retained Dustin's services, he made sure that I was aware of how serious this charge was against me, and that he would do everything he could do to protect me. He told me that we would work together no matter how long it took.
    Well, I am thrilled to say that 2 months after I was charged with this, Dustin met with the DA and had this felony charge DISMISSED completely. He did what I needed. He made this go away. The best possible outcome. I was shocked that I didnt even have to go to court for any of this, and he did everything in such a timely manner. I couldn't thank him enough. He is amazing at his job. I would recommend him to anyone.

  • DUI

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Adrian

    Dustin Hightower and staff got great personality nice and good people
    Dustin very great lawyer
    The first day I met him I know this was my lawyer over the last three years they really became like family to me
    Thanks to Ms.Holly for telling me how great Dustin Hightower was
    my first court date the way he came out represent me I know that everything go be ok that second day I was not guilty
    So I told friends and family how a great lawyer he is
    I said if y'all looking for a lawyer I got Dustin Hightower number on speed dial just let me know
    Thanks Dustin and Holly

  • Highly Recommended !!!!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by T. Thompson

    Not that it matters, but for the record, I am an African American female in my early 50s. Three years ago, I was charged and arrested for DUI in Douglas County. After meeting with several lawyers in Atlanta, Smyrna and Douglasville, I decided to go with Mr. Hightower, mainly becauseI my spirit screamed that I could trust him, and that he would do everything that he could to fairly try my case in court. Mr. Hightower always returned my calls, was on time, and fought viciously for my acquittal. With that said, I was found not guilty of DUI in October of 2013!!! I highly recommend Mr. Hightower! He is one of the BEST!

  • Great guy, even better attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Shane

    Mr. Hightower handled my first divorce modification that started in June of 2010 and ended in April of 2011. In this modification he was able to get me more visitation with my son with an increase from 10 days a month to 15 days. He was able negotiate to have my child support to be reduced by about 25%, along with some decision making when it comes to education and extra curriculum activities for my son. My case was not one that I would call easy as it took almost a full year to complete, and the defendant was not always easy to work with. Mr. Hightower always remained calm and professional during all mediations and meetings. Upon arrival of the court date, Mr. Hightower met with me late the evening before, well after business hours and made sure that I was prepared to take the stand; explaining to me what I should expect to happen. (As I have never been involved in a court case before) Now it is June of 2014, and I have rehired Mr. Hightower for another modification to my divorce decree, and as always Mr. Hightower has already went above and beyond with his customer service. Mr. Hightower has my recommendation for any family law matter. For me; he has been fair, honest, and dependable three hard qualities to find in any attorney.

  • Highly recomend

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a DUI & DWI client

    When I first became in need of an attorney I asked around and the name Dusty Hightower seemed to be the name everyone suggested. He was extremely helpful from the start and walked me through the entire process. He handled my trial very professionally and worked hard to defend me. The outcome of the trial was better than I expected! Mr. Hightower came highly recommended to me and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to someone else.

  • JOB WELL DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Child Support client

    Finding myself behind on Child Support due to a change in income I went to Mr. Hightower for help. He took the time to familiarize himself with my case as well as make me aware of the laws regarding my situation. He resolved my case without breaking the bank but yet fair for everybody involved demonstrating excellent mediation skills during high stress situations. I was very pleased with the help and personal attention I received never feeling like I was left in the dark.

  • Do Not Use This Lawyer

    1.0 star

    Posted by a DUI & DWI client

    Has his clients do most of the legwork. Doesn't keep the client informed. Tells the client they have a solid case so he can get his full retainer fee for trial. When it gets to the point for the trial he changes his approach and bullies he client into taking a terrible deal. When the client asks where the extra trial money went his reply is "I used it preparing for trial". He spends more time being a politician rather than the lawyer he portrays himself to be. He is misrepresenting himself. He says he has never lost a trial....that is because he never actually goes to trial. Worst lawyer ever! Run fast in the opposite direction of this lawyer. Spend your hard earned money on someone that cares and knows what they are doing. Hire a lawyer that will fight for you.