State v. R. B. - Gwinnett Recorder's Court

Taff R. Wren

Case Conclusion Date:November 2, 2011

Practice Area:DUI / DWI

Outcome:DUI-Drugs: Dismissed; Poss. Marj. < 1oz: Plead under Conditional Discharge Statute (dismissed if completes probation); Reckless Driving: No Contest

Description:Mr. Boyd and some friends were driving down the road this past February, hit an icy spot on the road lost control resulting in a single vehicle accident. When police arrived they allegedly smelled an odor of Marijuana. Client allegedly admitted to smoking Marijuana 30 mins. prior to driving. Was placed under arrest for DUI-Drugs. Officer's performed search incident to arrest and found partially smoke blunt. Client also charged with possession < 1oz. Client voluntarily submitted to a test of his blood, testing positive for Marijuana. After negotiating for several months with the state, the DUI-Drugs charged was dismissed.