State v. Stephens

Caryn S. Fennell

Case Conclusion Date:December 12, 2013

Practice Area:Criminal Defense

Outcome:All Charges Dismissed

Description:Client charged with Entering Auto, Burglary, Theft by Taking (x2), Theft by Receiving, and Violation of Probation. His charges arose out of criminal conduct that occurred in the client's neighborhood over the course of a six month period. After six months of successful and aggressive investigation, we procured witness testimony and material facts that demonstrated to the Court that the alleged acts which Mr. Stephens was charged actually occurred prior to Mr. Stephens parole date and that a different defendant, unrelated to Mr. Stephens or his case, adjudicated guilty prior to his parole date. The investigation resulted in all charges being dismissed against Mr. Stephens and the Violation of Probation warrant being dismissed.

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