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Meriweather v. Maverick Transportation

Practice Area: Trucking Accident

Outcome: $1,700,000

Description: On November 4, 2005, Flora Meriwether was struck by tractor trailer driver Mr. Tim Dzierzanowski. Ms. Meriweather was 67 years old and taken to Grady Hospital where she succumbed to her injuries days after the wreck. She started several businesses and was a shrewd entrepreneur. Although, many would argue that to succeed, one must be heartless, Flora did not follow this path. She would bring people who were down on their luck into her home and treat them as if they were family. She would give them a warm place to sleep, feed and clothe them until they could get back on their feet. Ms. Meriweather had several medical issues prior the wreck such as pulmonary hypertension, diabetes, and renal insufficiency. Despite these medical problems and her advanced age, Werner & Associates, LLC was able to get a $1,700,000

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