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Matthew Quinn Wetherington

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  • Do i have a lawsuit?

    I had my tire changed at a mom and pop tire store and weeks afterwards while i was driving on 575 my tire came completely off my car. Even tho we didnt hit anyone i was injured because of the incident and my one year old baby was in the car. Come ...

    Matthew’s Answer

    Yes, you may have a legal claim against the retailer.

    I am the founder of the Tire Safety Group and have written a booklet on the types of lawsuits people like you may have when injured by a tire manufacturer or retailer. You can access it here:

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  • MY GM car goes from 70 to 25 mph with RPMs soaring. Dealer say normal. Turn off and will reset. In busy traffic? Advice?

    Don't think it's safe to try to turn off engine and restart in busy rush hour traffic. Don't thing this is "normal" and neither did mechanic at the dealership but that is what the diagnostic machine said. With the problems GM cars are having, I do...

    Matthew’s Answer

    This is a legitimate safety concern that merits your (and GMs) immediate attention.

    Owners of Ford vehicles have reported similar issues. Our firm investigated dozens of these cases and the problem was traced back to the vehicle's throttle body. You can see a news story about that issue here:

    Your vehicle may have the same problem, but it is impossible to tell without an inspection. Also, GM has issued a number of recalls recently and the first step is to visit the National Highway Transportation Safety website to determine if there is a recall on your vehicle. The website is:

    If a recall is active for your vehicle, contact a dealership immediately to schedule a time for a repair. If you feel unsafe in the vehicle, request for the dealership to tow the vehicle to the shop.

    If there are no recalls active, you may want to talk with a defective vehicle attorney in your area. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

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