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  • What evidence is admissible in the GA Magistrate Court to prove the car accident fault and injury?

    Asked by a user in Atlanta, GA - over 5 years ago.

    I would hire a lawyer to present your case. However, if you must go it alone here are some thoughts. The rules of evidence apply in Magistrate Court just as they do in State and Superior Courts....

  • My son's dad filed a temporary protective order against me.He is accusing me of phone a stalking.If he wins can he get custody

    Asked by a user in Atlanta, GA - about 4 years ago.

    When dealing with issues as important as the custody of your son and child support you really should hire a lawyer. Clayton County has excellent Superior Court Judges, however, without a lawyer to...

  • How are monies awarded from a civil case distributed amongst an esate in GA?

    Asked by a user in Atlanta, GA - about 5 years ago.

    This is a complex question. Short answer - With this many children, 33.3% to the widow and 66.6% split equally among the children. Long answer - There are two different claims (1) the...

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  • Hospital Bill -- Georgia

    Asked by a user in Atlanta, GA - over 6 years ago.

    Many hospitals have programs where they will write off bills or portions of bills for qualifying patients. You will have to contact the hospital billing department to determine whether you qualify....

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  • When a child have a accident at school is the school responsible for it?

    Asked by a user in Macon, GA - over 5 years ago.

    The bad news is they are probably not responsible. Public school employees have immunity which protects them from suit for discretionary actions taken within the scope of their official duty. However,...

  • Do I have a legitimate lawsuit?

    Asked by a user in Savannah, GA - over 5 years ago.

    If you wish to pursue a claim, you should order a copy of your medical records and consult with an experienced medical malpractice attorney immediately. Beware the statute of limitations! Typically...

  • My mother passed away 7yrs ago. I have two questions.

    Asked by a user in Decatur, GA - almost 6 years ago.

    Question 1 - It is very likely the statute of limitations expired, barring the claim for your mother's death. The survivor's statute of limitations for wrongful death is two years from the date of...

  • I passed out at wallmart while i was shopping and start experiencing headeachs after the fact

    Asked by a user in Atlanta, GA - almost 4 years ago.

    I agree with the other attorney's response. Under Georgia law, while a property owner has a duty to those that come on to the property, a property owner is not an insurer of a customer's safety....

  • Am I at fault?

    Asked by a user in Eatonton, GA - almost 4 years ago.

    Civil liability and potential criminal punishment are two separate issues. I'm not exactly sure from these limited facts which should be a greater concern at this point. As to criminal punishment,...

  • Personal lawsuit against me

    Asked by a user in Toccoa, GA - about 5 years ago.

    You should strongly consider hiring a lawyer to represent you in this matter at the very least you should consult with a lawyer to discuss your options. If you chose to go it alone, keep in mind...