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Lawrence Abram Kohn

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From the day after your arrest date (see your ticket), you have 10 "business" days in which to file an "appeal" of the proposed license suspension. Failure to do so will result in a 12 month HARD (no work permit) suspension on the 31st day after arrest.
Our logo has a CLOCK, because we want to emphasize that we are available 24-7.  We answer the phone with our trained staff, not an answering service.  If an attorney is needed in the middle of the night, we have one available.
Our criminal defense attorneys are available 24/7.  Our law office uses qualified staff  and lawyers to answer our phones & e-mails so that you get the best service possible.  E-mail us at or call 404-250-1113 ANYTIME,
Criminal defense lawyers are successful by diligently working on their clients' cases, and maintaining good relationships with Prosecutors who are the State's attorneys for these cases. Our DUI attorneys use our experience to get reductions on many cases.
At our law firm, we prepare every case for trial, and that helps our DUI attorneys work out many cases to a less charge (not a DUI offense). Only by aggressively fighting and preparing cases do we obtain good results for you. Get a FREE INTERVIEW today.

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A conviction for DUI [as well as many other criminal charges] cannot be expunged (deleted) from your record in Georgia. Receive a FREE interview on your case. Our web sites are loaded with helpful information. Look at these sites: and Compare our firm's combined 150 years of experience and credentials to any firm in America! Call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


I only handle criminal cases.  My practice focuses on DUI defense.  However, I have handled cases from rapes, child molestations, to armed robberies.  In each case I will treat the client how I would want to be treated.  I will give all clients my cell phone number and will return all phone calls.  I know that a criminal charge can bring a ton of stress to a person.  I will do whatever I can to help get the charged person through this difficult time period.

We are open and ready to help 24 hours a day 7 days a week. In trouble, Call Now