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Bernd G. Stittleburg

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  • Is there a stigma to bankruptcy?

    Many many years ago, people stigmatized those who did not pay their debts and turned to bankruptcy to solve their financial problems. This stigmatization caused people to be afraid to seek help through bankruptcy because they did not want to be labeled deadbeats. They also belie...

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  • Are those taxes dischargeable?

    So you think your clients tax debt has been extinguished by a bankruptcy filing? Perhaps. With regard to the IRS, provided that the debtor satisfied all of the prerequisites and that the tax debt is more than three years old, it is most likely that the taxes are dischargeable. I...

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  • What happens when I have a foreign debt I can no longer pay?

    Occasionally, I will see a question come up on the internet regarding foreign debts and whether those types of debt are dischargeable in a bankruptcy that is filed in the United States. The simple answer is yes the debt is dischargeable in a United States bankruptcy case. The ba...

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  • Georgia Bankruptcy Exemptions

    When a bankruptcy case is filed, a document titled Schedule C is filed which shows what the debtor has designated as exempt property. By exempt, the debtor is advising the court and the trustee that this property is protected from seizure pursuant to the Georgia exemptions law, c...

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  • What are credit card companies allowed to do to collect a debt?

    Consumers need to know that protection against unscrupulous collection practices is in place through the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). The Act covers any collection activity related to a credit card, personal loan, auto loan, medical bill and even your mortgage...

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