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Jessica Ruth Towne

Jessica Towne’s Legal Guides

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  • Top 3 Signs You've Hired a Bad Lawyer

    It can be difficult for a client to know whether his or her lawyer is performing well or not. Sometimes even the best of lawyers doesn't achieve the desired result due to difficult facts, a bad judge, or unrealistic expectations. Communication is key to making sure you are happy with whom you hire.

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  • Do DIY Blood Alcohol Content Testers Work? Are They Legal?

    DIY BAC testers are legal in the state of Georgia and in most other states. They may or may not give accurate results. It is doubtful that a result from one of these devices could be used in a court of law to prove blood alcohol level of a driver. And they can't stop you from driving drunk.

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  • How to Avoid Getting a Traffic Ticket in Metro Atlanta

    Follow these tips to minimize the chances the cops will choose to stop you on the road.

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